Never loved you

Rose is a 16 year old girl who is almost done with junior year in high school.
Is she popular? No.
Is she bullied? Constantly.
Does she have friends? None.
Does she have feelings for the boy who causes her the most pain? Absoloutley.

She never wanted to love Harry, she never wanted to be his friend.
But something deep inside tells her she wants him.
Something so deep and powerful, that she would fall for his mate's prank for him.

*Yes there is a Movella kinda like this, but this is my virsion <3 Enjoy*


1. Cant love you like I want to

Rose's POV:

It was a cold winters night, and I was enjoying myself with my diary and some tea up in my room where I spend most of my days, when i'm not at school.

I dimmed my lights and lit a candle while I wrote down how my day went, planning out every word as I went.

Dear Diary,

      Today was... Average for me. I went to school and the same old thing happened;

    I walk into school, all eyes on me. I kept my head down while i walked to my locker.

Attempting to avoid walking the wrong way so people didnt push me away from them, onto the hard tile ground.

        But they pushed me anyways, I had done nothing wrong.

                 Throughout the day notes were passed to me. Very rude and disgusting ones.

            So i reacted by silently sobbing into my hoodie sleeve. The teachers know what the kids do to me, they notice it and confront the principal- but the principal does nothing about it.



I let a tear slip and splash onto the lined paper, that had my very honest writing on it.

I went to the front of my diary, examing the hundreds on entries I have written.

      Then I flipped to a page, that had my main bullies name written in fancy cursive, with a big heart around it.

I relentlessly pressed the pin to the paper, scribbling over the drawing.

  I tore the page out and stood up, holding the paper to my chest while i held my eyes closed tightly so the tears didnt escape.


"Rose, honey.. Why are you crying love?" My mom asked sweetly and walked into my room, coming up to me and examining my facial expressions.

"Because mum, the guy i like doesnt like me back.. I'd like to sleep now" I whispered at her.

"You dont want dinner?" She asked and wiped away a tear that fell.

"No ma'am" I smiled and kissed her cheek.

She nodded with a smile and walked out of my room closing the door behind her.


I placed the ripped up paper on my vanity and slipped into some boxers and a tank top.

I held my long brown and blonde locks of hair back while i blew out the candle.

I turned on my fan and slipped into bed, i put my diary under my pillow before drifting off into sleep.


I woke up to my alarm going off and already making my day annoying.

I turned it off and pulled myself out of bed. I trutted over to my full body mirror and put my hair in a messy bun while i cleaned my face and brushed my teeth.

I went to my closet and pulled out red sweat pants that got a bit tight towards the calves, and a white flowy tank top that had Marylin Monroe on the front in black and white.

I put a black tank top under and shook my bun out while i let a big yawn escape my mouth.


I got my deoderant, white vans, and my black zip up on.

I grabbed my phone and scrolled through Instagram while i hopped down the stairs.

"Good morning mum" I said while concentrated on my phone.

"Mornin' I should be off to work now" she smiled and kissed my forhead.

I smiled and made some cream tea with a doghnut.

"Bye mum!" I yelled from the kitchen while she walked out the front door.

I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed my back pack.


I walked out the back door and was soon touched my freezing air, wrapping itself around my body.

I shivered and zipped up my jacket to try and keep warmer, but it didnt really work.

I flipped my hood up over my head and walked down my drive way.

I was immeditaley greeted by Niall, one of my bullies.

I clenched my body while i walked passed him, knowing he would still notice me and tell me off about something stupid.

He grabbed the back of my jacket while i was almost completly passed him, "yes Niall?" I asked obviously with fear in my voice.

His blue eyes pierced through me and already made my chest hurt while he stared down at me.

"Get prepared for lunch- this is just a warning" he smirked and walked off.

I stared at him puzzled while he strutted off into the mist.

The only reason that i kinda think Niall is okay is because he gives me warning before somebody bullies me, therefor i know when to dodge a punch or physical bullying.


It was sweet of him, but he was still a bully.

I shrugged it off and started down the road to school, everybody was running down the side walk and up to the giant building that was the worst of my life.

I walked inside the two big doors and was immediatley pulled to the side of the doors by Niall.

"yes?" I asked, i could feel something bad about to happen.

"Be careful in 5th period- Zayn is planning something on you including the other boys, you didnt hear this from me" he looked straight into my eyes, i looked at the floor.

"Thanks, and yes sir" I whispered looking at him putting a finger over my mouth 'shh'


He nodded with a smile, "good girl" he said and gave a slight kick to my ankle.

I sighed and kept my head down while i walked to my locker.

Surprisingly I made it there without anybody making rude comments, or doing something mean.

I huffed in relief and shoved my small back pack into my locker with my books.


Harrys POV:

I was walking to the doors of school with Zayn, Louis, and Liam. I didnt know where Nialler went, he's probably in school already.

He likes to get a head start on Rose for us. Louis opened the door for me while we stepped up to the doors.

"Thanks mate" I said and walked into school, getting flirty looks from all the girls.

"Dont get your hopes up" i said while walking passed them to my locker.

Zayn, Louis, and Liam followed close behind because our lockers were lined up together.


I watched as Rose walked passed up with her head down and books up to her chest, pressed tightly against her.

I stook my foot out and made her trip, causing her to fall onto her stomach and get her books scattered across the floor.

She sighed and got on her knees and picked up all of her books. She gave me a death glare that I never saw before, she huffed and stood up with her books in her arms.

I watched her walk off and disappear into a classroom.

"Mate! you know what would be hilarious?" Louis playfully punched my arm.

"What?" I smirked while putting my books away. "If you asked out Rose as a prank, then break her heart at the end of the year. We only have like another month of school!" Louis laughed.

"Brilliant! I will ask her at lunch today, privatly" I smiled at him and gave him a high five.

I walked to first period, "se you guys later!" I called to them while walking into class.


I sat down and kicked my feet up on my desk, not carnig about what the teacher was teaching.

I kept planning my perfect break up for Rose in my head, it was getting better and better the more I thought about it.


*skip 1-3 period*


Rose's POV:

I walked into the cafeteria, avoiding anything that could possibly hurt me. I sat at a table with some crackers and sighed while I ate them.

I kept looking around to make sure nobody came up to me, I was waiting for someone to come up to me and hurt me.

I felt a rough tap on my shoulder, I jumped and turned around. I looked forward and then up at Harry's emerald green eyes.

"y-yes sir?" I stuttered and gulped.

"Stand up" he scoffed.

I nodded and stumbled to my feet, he took a few small steps back and grabbed my hand.

He ran through the hallway down to a jannitors closet.

"Harry? what are you doing?" I asked with fear.

He pulled me into the closet and locked the door. He pulled the light string and stared into my eyes.

"To be honest, Rose, i never wanted to bully you or be mean to you. I have really strong feelings for you and want to be with you. Please forgive me for everything and anything I have done to you.

It was just how I coped with my feelings, please, please, please, be my girlfriend" He pleaded and fell to his knees, looking straight up at me.

I looked down at him, very confused and puzzled. Was he pranking me? Or was he being serious?

I sighed, he took one of my hands in his and had pleading eyes.

Now was my chance,


"y-yes" I stuttered out completly shocked.


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