Something I wrote during a long car journey. I don't know what genre it is supposed to be in, so I put "other". It didn't fit in with anything else on the given list. So if you do know then please tell me

PS: It is rated yellow because of swear words used within, to hopefully make the anger sound a little bit more realistic? (People swear when they're angry, it's life)



1. Chapter 1

Every step I take sends pain rising up my leg from my ankle before it dies down as I take the pressure of my foot. New panic wells up inside, threatening to spill out and consume my mind until it is left ravaged by fear. My brain screams at me to push myself faster. My ankle begs me to stop the torture of trying to run. Yet both sides only give me one despairing message.

I can’t make it to safety like this. I’m going to die.

“Help!” I try to scream, but I’m too exhausted for more than a slight whisper to come out of my arid throat. Besides, who would help when they’re involved? Noiseless sobs rack my body. My breath comes in rugged gasps. Tears cascade down my cheeks and blur my vision.

Still I force myself to fight the agony, force myself to believe I can go on. It’s either escape or death, and escape is the only option I will take. Even though my feet seem to stumble on every crack in the concrete pavement there is, even though sweat is slowly dripping down my spine and mixing with the thick blood slowly pouring out of my right foot, I fight on.

I’m not going to die. Not here. Not now. I still have time to make it before they come.

Then I hear the shouts behind me and my blood slowly freezes to ice.

They’ve found me.

In one last, desperate burst of speed and energy, my feet somehow accelerate. Summoning what strength I have left, I race forwards, not daring to look over my shoulder. I can see the entrance to the old caves up ahead. Once there, I’m safe, protected by the history and warnings that pulse around them. It’s the one place they’d never go into. Nobody goes there anymore.

The shouts continue, getting louder and louder. I try to speed up, but my movements are getting helplessly slower and the whirlwind of pain is reconquering. The distance left to the caves seems to be getting further away.

I feel myself fall and crash into the thick concrete, crying out of the impact. My arms clutch my chest as I curl into a ball on the hard ground, unable to breathe and my lungs and back throb violently as my diaphragm torturously contracts. Any thoughts of escape or running disappear from my mind; I choke and gasp for air, oblivious to the strong arms that grab one of mine and try to pull me up. Tears flow out of my eyes. I barely notice when they try to drag me away, my back and shoulders scraping roughly on the ground.

With a last, sudden gasp oxygen fills my lungs. The pain haltingly releases me and I subconsciously reach out for some sort of solid object I can use to pull myself up with. But before my hands touch anything someone pulls me up and swings me round to face him. Shock absorbs any other feeling in my body for a short while as our gazes lock.

El… Elanor? Are you alright? Come with me quickly now or they’ll kill you. I only just got myself out right now"

“You!” I snarl, white-hot rage consuming the shock, fuelling itself and blazing through my mind. The pain only adds to my anger and wrath. “You betrayed me, gave me to them and you have the audacity to act like you’re still my friend when I escape, still have the guts to look me in the eye and try to fucking give off that you’re sorry-”

“I am! Please, you have to believe me! They said they were going to kill me if I didn’t- didn’t help them. Please Els, I didn’t want to, I had to…” His voice trails off at my expression of pure fury and hate. He’s gone too far.

“How dare you call me that?! And- and make up some shit about blackmail! You knew they were going to kill me eventually” I growl, barely able to say some of the words in my ire. “If you really care so bloody much you would have died! And good riddance too!” My hands ball into fists, the knuckles turning white and almost cracking. My pounding heart thumps against my ribs “Look at my ankle! Do you like what happened to it?! I bet you do, you-”

“Wait! I… I…”

What?! He knows just as well as I do, he has no excuse whatsoever and he still tries to protest against what I’m saying?

It’s the final straw. Anger explodes inside and I lose control of myself. My fist punches abruptly into his abdomen with as much violence as I have locked inside me. He lets out a single scream of agony and collapses onto the ground, writhing and choking just as I did. I almost feel a pang of regret, but I push all pity for him out of my system. He deserves this! I’ve known him for almost all of my life. I was five when we first became friends. I was the only person there for him when he was bullied. Yet at the time I needed him the most, the lying coward betrayed me and set me up. He’s the only reason I’m in this state.

“Do you like it?” I spit in disgust, “Do you enjoy pain? Or maybe you thought that I would. Don’t pretend you don’t know how much I suffered or the mess I’m in now. You pathetic little backstabber! I would have gotten away if you had helped me. This is all your fault!”

Tears roll down his cheeks, whether from what I just said or the agony from being winded, I don’t know. But it makes me feel so much better inside watching him pay for his betrayal. Until a single gunshot rings out, clear in the quiet of early summer morning before dawn and the mostly abandoned houses either side of the road. He slumps to the ground with a gasp.

I feel a sudden, hard jolt as I’m jerked back to my senses, and with dread building fast in my stomach I look up to see six figures, all hooded and clothed in black to disguise their identities moving fast towards me. I freeze for a second before instincts kick in. I sprint like I’ve never sprinted before as adrenaline begins to flow through my muscles, boosted first by my ire and now my fear. I risk a glance over my shoulder and find that they’re getting closer. But the tunnels are closer to me than them. I’m going to make it.

Yet even as I think those words, I trip again, only just managing to catch myself and keep on running.  Shit. If I ever find out who came up with the idea of irony…

Something small shoots past me and hits a window, smashing it. The loud wails of a burglar alarm mix with yells and I can see a few lights adding to the glow of the bird-less skies in the only occupied houses on this street. My own is somewhere nearby and for a moment I consider heading there instead.

No. That’s where they’re expecting for me to head. Doubtless they’ve already set a trap there. Plus it’s too easy to break in to and the old caves are now less than twenty metres away, sealed by a metal door plastered with ‘WARNING: DO NOT ENTER’ signs.

Ten metres left… now five!









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