The one who can't be seen.

Ally and her family moves to a new house, in a new town. Ally is 14 and teenager. Timmy is her little brother, he's 10. Her mom and dad are both 40. Her mothers name is Angela, and her dad's name is Michael. A few weeks after they have moved in, they discover something strange in the house. That shouldn't be there. But once it started. It wouldn't stop.


4. This is a weird place.

''I'm home!'' Angela yelled loud. ''Ally, are here?''                                                                              She walked up-stairs to see, if Ally maybe were taking a nap. She couldn't see her anywhere.       She went to Ally's room, just to check one last time. This time she could hear someone. She just didn't know where it, did come from. She took her celephone, and called Ally's celephone. Ally answered her call. ''Ally? Where are you?''  Angela asked. ''I'm at school, i forgot a book in class. I'll be home in about five minutes'' Ally answered. ''Ok, i'll just do some laundry then.'' Angela said. ''Bye''. ''Bye''. Angela went to Timmy's room, to remove dirty clothing. After a few minutes, the door went up, and Ally was home. ''Hi mom, how was you'r day?'' Ally asked. No answer. ''Mom?'' Ally said with fear in her voice. She walked up-stairs to see if her mom was there. She walked forward to Timmy's room, to she if her mom was in there. She was. Angela was just standing, staring straight into the air. Ally tought it was strange. Very strange. ''Mom, are you okay?'' Ally asked. Again, no answer. All the sudden her mom, starts pointing at the wall. Ally looks, and screams. On the wall, there is a painting. A painting of a dead, little girl. Ally grab her moms arm, and shakes her, while shes yelling at her. ''Mom! Mom! Mon, come on! We need to get out of here! Now!'' Ally starts crying. Angela finally reacts, and answers her. They start running outside.

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