The one who can't be seen.

Ally and her family moves to a new house, in a new town. Ally is 14 and teenager. Timmy is her little brother, he's 10. Her mom and dad are both 40. Her mothers name is Angela, and her dad's name is Michael. A few weeks after they have moved in, they discover something strange in the house. That shouldn't be there. But once it started. It wouldn't stop.


3. Hello? Anyone?

Ally was home before everybody. She walked up-stairs, to get on the computer. She went on Facebook. ''Nothing interesting, as usual.'' Ally mumbles.  *DING DONG* It was the doorbell. Ally walked down-stairs to open. The doorbell started to ring non-stop. Ally screamed ''IM ON MY WAY, RELAX!'' It didn't stop. Ally started to run. She pulled the door up. No one was there? She closed the door again. She moved 1 meter and it started again. The doorbell started ringing out of control again. Ally ran 1 meter and opened. Still no one. She started to think, that it was very weird.But she didn't bother. She went into the kitchen to get something to eat. She made a peanutbutter-jelly sandwhich. Ally loves peanutbutter-jelly sandwiches! *Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, BANG!* Ally almost dropped her sandwhich, of the shock. And it went again: *Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, BANG!* ''What is that? Where are the sounds coming from?'' Ally mumbles. She walks into the living-room, to check if it's maybe the balcony, the sounds are coming from. It was. But nobody was there, Ally could just stand there listening, to something theres banging on the balcony door. The odd thing was that.. The balcony door was transparent. So Ally could see if anyone, where standing outside, banging. But she couldn't right now. Ally got so afraid.

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