The one who can't be seen.

Ally and her family moves to a new house, in a new town. Ally is 14 and teenager. Timmy is her little brother, he's 10. Her mom and dad are both 40. Her mothers name is Angela, and her dad's name is Michael. A few weeks after they have moved in, they discover something strange in the house. That shouldn't be there. But once it started. It wouldn't stop.


2. A new school.

Ally just woke up. She had slept bad tonight, it was weird. She never sleeps bad. It was like, when she almost fell asleep, someone woke her up. Ally took some cloting on, and went down stairs. Down stairs her mom, dad and brother where eating breakfast. ''Good morning, honey'' her mom said. ''Good morning, you couldn't wait for me?'' Ally answered. ''Well.. We where hungry.'' Her mom mumbles. Ally took some cornflakes, and put some milk on it, took a spoon from the kitchen drawer and sat down, next to her brother. When Timmy where done eating, he packed his backpack. ''Ally, hurry up'' Timmy said loud. ''Yes, i'll be ready in a few minutes.'' Ally answeres. She rans up stairs, to brush her hair, and brush her teeth. When she was done brushing, she took her backpack, and went with Timmy, to school. *RING, RING!!* it was the bell. ''RUUUUUUN TIMMY!!'' Ally screamed. ''WE CAN'T BE LATE ON OUR FIRST DAY, AT SCHOOL! RUN FASTER!!''. They made it in time. ''Welcome class.'' The teacher said. ''I want you, to say hello, to your new classmate.'' She also said. ''Hello Ally'' The class mumbles. And the math-class started. Ally was good at maths. When math-class where over, they had gym-class. Ally hated  gym. They where gonna play football. When school was over, Ally went directly home.

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