The one who can't be seen.

Ally and her family moves to a new house, in a new town. Ally is 14 and teenager. Timmy is her little brother, he's 10. Her mom and dad are both 40. Her mothers name is Angela, and her dad's name is Michael. A few weeks after they have moved in, they discover something strange in the house. That shouldn't be there. But once it started. It wouldn't stop.


1. A new home.

''ALLY!!'' ''PUT THAT BACK IN THE BOX! NOW!'' Her mom (Angela) screamed. ''Dad? Can i go to the bathroom?'' Her baby brother (Timmy) asked. ''Yeah? Off course.'' The dad (Michael) answered. And then Timmy ran inside. ''You know he's only going to the ''Bathroom'', because he don't wanna carry these boxes, right?'' Ally asked. ''Yes, but we can't say that he's not allowed to go, to the bathroom..'' Angela answered. ''But, let's just carry the rest, of the boxes inside. I think it'll start to rain soon.'' Angela said. Ally and her family moved in to a new house, in a new town. Ally takes her stuff, and put it in her new room. Her desk, bookshell and bed is already assembled. She starts taking stuff, and placing it. When she's done placing, and packing up, she walks down stairs, to get some food. She opens the fridge. ''A sanwich from yesterday. Why not?'' she mumbles, and takes it out of the fridge. It was gone in a few seconds. 'BAM!' it says from up stairs. Ally yelled: ''Hello? Who's up stairs? Timmy? I hope you don't, touch my stuff!''. She walked outside, to ask who's been inside. She asked her mom and dad, but they had been outside the whole time. So she ask's them, where Timmy is. ''On the playground, a cross the street.'' Her dad answers. ''Uhm.. Okay.'' She says. ''Why?'' Her dad ask. ''Oh, nothing..'' She answers. She went inside again. She tought it was creepy, but didn't think about it. She didn't wan't any dinner. So she went straight to bed. She wrote in her dairy, like she used too. After she finished writhing, she fell asleep.

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