One Direction Preferences

One Direction Preferences That I Wrote!! If you have any request comment and i'll try and do them : )


4. Carnival

 Louis:  "Come on!" Louis yelled pulling me towards the Zipper. "No!"  you yelled.  Louis walked over and wraps his ams around you, "Just ride it one time with me." He smiles. "I'm scared." You whisper. "I'll hold your hand the whole time." He whispers back. You smile and you follow him to the ride. You scream the entire time but Louis never let go of your hand. When the ride was over Louis bought you a Cotton Candy for riding the ride with him.  

Harry: "Aww that stuffed panda is so cute!" You said holding your boyfriends hand walking around the carnival. "Do you want me to win it for you?" Harry asked. "No Harry it's fine." You smile. He ignores you and walks over to basketball hoops. "What do I have to do to win that stuffed Panda?" Harry asks the guy running the game. "Make 3 shots in a row into the hoop." The guy says to Harry. "Okay get me 5 basketballs." Harry says handing the guy money. Harry misses all of them "Harry its okay, I really don't need the Panda." You say pulling Harry's hand. He lets go of your hand and reaches into his pocket for some more money. "Get me 3 more basketballs." He says handing the guy money. This time Harry makes all 3 shots. "Here you go love." Harry smiles handing you the stuffed Panda. "I love you." You say kissing him holding the Panda he tried so hard to get you. 

Liam: "Let's go on the Merry-Go-Round!" You yell as you pull Liams hand. "Aren't we a little too big for that ride?" Liam laughs. "You're never too big for the Merry-Go Round." You smile still pulling his hand. You guys run on and climb on a horse. "I can't believe your making me ride this." Liam says shaking his head as he sits on the horse next to you. "Hey you can just pretend your Woody from Toy Story riding Bulls Eye your trusty stead." You laugh. Liam laughs,"I love you." 

Zayn: You and Zayn had a long day at the carnival and now you guys were on the Ferris Wheel. It was dark and the lights from all the rides looked amazing. You had a blanket wrapped around you and Zayn was holding your hand the entire time. "I had a lot of fun today." You smile at Zayn. "I did too." He smiles back. The ride stops and you guys are stuck at the top. "It's so pretty up here." You say "Yeah it is. But you're beautiful." Zayn says leaning in to kiss you. 

Niall: "Let's get on this one." Niall says pointing to the scrambler. You smile and you walk over and get on. "This is my favorite ride." You smile. Niall smiles back at you and kisses your cheek. "Ready for me to squish you babe?" You laugh. "Oh I'm ready." He smiles


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