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blurb: Anna is a normal 11 year old girl. She loves playing with the other children. All she wants is to be an actress and go to a special school. Her dad is against this and she knows why. She gets an offer for a small role in a show. Will she take it? will her dad change her mind about her wanting to be an actress?


4. the script

Drama class started at 10:00. From 9:55 till 10:00 the coridors rushed with excited people. They were all chatting about how excited they were about reading the script. 3 of us would be movie stars. People would know us.

I walk into the empty classroom with my friends and we sit down on the floor. The other people come in and we wait a miniute for are teacher.

“I can’t believe it. We are going to have a great lesson. My dad will let me come to the set so I can watch it. It will be so great,” said Val.

“Come on now lets stop talking. I can see are drama teacher walking down the coridoor. You don’t want to get a detention for talking. Again. Cause if you do your parents get called,” I told Val.

Are teacher came in smartly dressed and sat down at his desk.

“Hi class. Now today we are going to be reading a script you all have a copy of. The rising stars. For the next two hours you need to look at the 3 main characters and read a few scenes. Ok begin,” said mr cobrat.

The script was amazing. Just amazing. Detailed and everything. The character description was detailed. I’ll put the plot, character details of the 3 mains and my favourite scene.

Plot: Anna , Danna and Hannah are 3 normal 11 year old girls who have big dreams of becoming famous. They are also spys. On there first big mission they have to go all the way to australia where they meet some of there new team. Will they complete there mission? Will they fall in love?

Anna- the smart spy. Wants to be an actress and singer. She is good for the at solving brainy clues and making plans. She is the sweet , smart and sensitive member of the group. She is always thinking about ways the group can do things.

Danna- the dangerous and action girl. She wants to be a model. She has lots of dangerous weapons. She is good at figuring out how to get under traps or over them. She cunning, serious and is actionative. Does adventurious ativities.

Hannah- The dumb blonde member of the group. She comes up with stupid ideas. She wants to be a singer. She builds the tec. No one realises that she isn’t dumb all the time because she keeps her good ideas to herself. She can be a good thinker sometimes but is known as the dumb blonde.

The rising stars

Scene one

(The girls are in a lab stopping a bomb.)

Song 1- mission impossible

Verse 1

Anna- we have a mission. We need to work together. We need to do this job.

danna- We have 3 minutes. Yes only 3 minutes. To dispose this bommmbbbb.

Hannah- Come on lets go. I know that we can do this. If we work together we can do anything. Lets go.

All- Even if this seems like mission impossible we can do this. When we work together anything can be done. So come on lets work on this mission impossible. Nooooowwww. X3

It’s mission impossible.

(song ends.)

Danna: Come on Anna we need to dispose this bomb. This city depends on us.

Anna: I can’t think of anything. There is no stop button or self destruct button.

Hannah: Bingo!

Anna: You have an idea Hannah.

Hannah: no I want to play bingo.

Anna: not right now Hannah we have to save the city.

Danna: I wish one of us took that bomb disposal course.

Hannah: I did. You don’t cut the blue wire but the red wire. Make sure you don’t leave it to late. So we have 1 minute left so do it now.

(Anna cuts red wire and bomb stops.)

All: we did it yes.

(scene ends.)

I loved the play and the characters. I couldn’t wait to talk to my friends about it at lunch.

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