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blurb: Anna is a normal 11 year old girl. She loves playing with the other children. All she wants is to be an actress and go to a special school. Her dad is against this and she knows why. She gets an offer for a small role in a show. Will she take it? will her dad change her mind about her wanting to be an actress?


7. tennis (or not.)

After drama, we went to the new tennis courts to play tennis. We had so much fun.

“Ok it is me against Anna. Winner stays on and plays against Liz. Ok lets go,” said Val.

I walked up to my side of the net. I wasn’t nervous because Val was still on a sugar rush from earlier. Well still energetic. I mean she ran to the tennis courts in 1 inch shoes. She knocked over 3 guys and broke one window. Yeah the window thing is a long story. Atcually it isn’t. Basically her shoe fell into the window when she was showing that she can do karate. She kind of owes the school £50. That will be no problem for her. Her dad is like a billionare and her mum is a 10 millionare

“Ok it is my serve. Val you are wearing flats right?” I asked.

“Of course. Ok lets play,” said val.

I served the ball. And hit it. We talked while playing tennis.

“So anyway. You 3 want to come round my house. Wait let me hit the ball. Anyway, didn’t you say that your dad is out all day anna,” Said Val.

“Yeah he is not coming back till 9:00. I think I might be able to sleep over. 2nd bounce. My point. Your serve,” I said.

“Ok. I watched tennis and I found this new serve. Watch,” said Val.

She showed me her new serve and the ball went really high. Well atcually it went out the school.

“Out my point. Well we have no balls left now. Why didn’t you bring more val,” I said.

“The p.e cupboard only had one tennis ball. How about we go and get are order at the restraunt. Then we have 1 hour and we can chat. It takes me 10 minutes to get to the restraunt. We can chat there. Come on lets go,” said Val.

We went to the restraunt. Let me tell you it is really cool having a restraunt in our school. We walked in and sat down at a table.

This waitress came to our table. She looked about 19. She had long brown hair.

“Hi guys. So I got an advanced order for this. 4 cokes. 50 energy drinks and ham,cheese,chicken and bacon mini sandwhiches. While you are here want anything else,” said the waitress.

“Hey , I remember you! Your Betty,” I said.

“Anna! How long has it been. 5 years. I haven’t seen you since your 6th birthday party. Wow you have grown,” said Betty.”

“wait, how do you know each other?” asked liz.

“Betty plays my mums daughter she had when she was 15. She is still on the soap. So why are you here?” I asked.

“I am doing some things for the community.I thought I should come back to my old school. Anyway let me get your order,” Betty replied.

We waited 5 minutes for our order. It wasn’t atcually that long.

“Ok, here is your sandwhiches. Your cokes will be served by another waiter. Here he is. The energy drinks are takeaway so collect them when you leave,” said Betty.

“Ok, so liz ,kate did you ask your mum or dad if you can sleep over?” asked Val.

“Yeah. Mum said yes,” said Kate.

“Yeah dad said yes,” said Liz.

“Great. We are having takeaway pizza tonight. Anything you want. Ok,” said Val.

“Thanks you are great. Wow these sandwhiches are great.  Thanks for buying these.I love them,” said kate.

“Yeah my dad paid for them. I just love this. Anyway I think they are perfect,” said Val.

“Anyway we have 12 left. How many did we get,” I asked.

“50. I know it is lot,” said Val.

“Well it is 10 minutes till home time lets take the rest of the sandwhiches home and then go to the office and sign the thing for the audition for the movie. Then at your house we can practise for it,” I said.

“Good idea. We get a leaflet at the office as well about what we have to do. You 3 do that and I’ll get a bag for the sandwhiches and I’ll get the energy drinks,” said Val.

We went to the office to sign our names. The nice office lady was there.

“Oh you three must be signing for the audition for the movie. So there is leaflets next to the sign up sheet. Just take one for what part you want,” said the office lady.

We all signed are names and picked up the leaflet for the part we wanted. They were quite thick. We walked out the office and the bell rang. Val came up to us.

“Hey, they energy drinks we got where 50 bottles of cokes. Anyway my dads limo should be outside so lets get going. We should get going so when we get home we can practise. My mum is home and my dad is home at 9:00. He is out late most days because he is filming. Come on lets go,” said Val.

“Ok. At your house we can go in your pool and have a water fight like we did last time. That was so much fun,” I said.

“Ok. But this time don’t squirt are maid. She was very mad. So is our servant but he always is.

So we went on our way to Val’s house where we had the best time ever.

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