my life

blurb: Anna is a normal 11 year old girl. She loves playing with the other children. All she wants is to be an actress and go to a special school. Her dad is against this and she knows why. She gets an offer for a small role in a show. Will she take it? will her dad change her mind about her wanting to be an actress?


1. me

Hello my name is Anna. I live with my dad in a small village in the country. We have a big house. My dad owns a small company making jewelry.  They don’t make much money but my dad got a lot of money from my mum. I go private school. I have my own tutor. My dad wants me to do the best I can. I want to be an actor when I am older. I have acting classes at private school. For my secondary school I want to go to the performing arts school in London. It also a boarding school. It looks lovely. My dad doesn’t think I should be an actor. He wants me to be in a good business.

Part of the reason I want to be an actress is my mum. She was an actress. She was on a famous soap. She had loads of acting jobs. She was in movies. Every movie she was in I bought a copy. I have a picture on my wall of her. Whenever I feel sad I look at it. It makes me believe that my ambition isn’t crazy. It is what she did.

My mum died when I was 5. Her car her servant was driving crashed into a lake. My dad always blamed the driver. He left the car as it was going into a bridge then locked it. We never saw him after that. My dad thinks he tried to murder her. I kept every movie and every programme she has been in on a dvd.

I think one of the reasons my dad doesn’t want me to be an actress is her. She died so he doesn’t want to lose me while I am out doing big parts all over the world. Then he would have no one. I am all he has left.

I have loads of friends at private school. They all have a famous parent or parents. Take in example Valery. Her dad is a director and her mum is a model.

That is it about me and that is all you need to know.

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