Your Always On My Mind

Charlotte (Charlie) has enough of her step dad
And decides to move out. She moves in with
Her boyfriend Harry and his friends. Charlie
Later is in a car crash and has memory loss and
Forgets about Harry an starts to fall for Niall



2. Starbucks

Charlie's POV
I arrived at Harry's house and pulled into the drive way. I stopped the car and sat there in silence thinking about what just happened. I don't know what my Mom sees in him. He is a rude nasty self-centered PIG! All he does is sit around on his arse all day and watches Judge Judy! He never helps Mom around the house and sometimes he won't  even share a bed with her! What kind of marriage is that!? 

A door slammed and I heard footsteps coming near the car. Eleanor came out and jumped in the passenger seat. 

"Hey what are you doing out here on your own? You've been here ages"

"Oh yeah sorry I was just thinking about things"

"Want to go to Starbucks and talk about it?"

"Sure! I could do with a girly talk" 

"I'm always here for you Charlie! We have gotten really close lately and we are best friends. You can tell me anything just like I can tell you anything! And with the fans and all we know what we are both going through with the hate and all that. I'm here for you forever and always" 

"Thanks El! Il just run in and tell Harry and put my bags in"

I hoped out of the car and ran inside. I ran upstairs and left my bags in the spare room. I ran into the kitchen where Zayn was dishing out the dinner. 

"Oh Zayn! El and I are just heading to Starbucks for some coffee we  will be back in half a hour. Save us some dinner!

"No problem can you get me a Double Espresso please"

Just then Louis came running in jumping up and down "I HEARD STARBUCKS! Can you get me a chai Latte pleaseee" 

"Sure go ask the rest of the boys do they want anything " 

Louis did as I asked and gave me a hug before running back out. 

Louis' POV

I ran Into the living room where all the boys were. Liam and Harry were playing XBox and Niall was scrolling through twitter. 
"Guys El and Charlie are going to Starbucks do you guys want anything?"

"Hot Choclate please" Niall mumbled
"Cafe Moca" Liam and Harry both said together concentrated on the TV screen. I turned around and just when I was about to run out the door, I bumped into Charlie and we both fell to the floor. Everybody was laughing their heads off "Hey not funny that hurted LouLou vewy bad" I said with a pout and in a babyish voice which made everybody laugh even more. 

"Hey guys we will be back in a few minutes with your orders" Charlie said in a fit of laughter 

"Ok babe! Love you" Harry said 
"Aww Harry I love you too" Niall said joking around.
"Hahaha I love you too" Charlie said and walked out to Eleanor.

"Liam can I speak to you for a minute?"

"Eh Lou Im in the middle of a very important battle"

"Ok fine but later we are having a chat" I said pointing my finger at him. 

Eleanor's POV

We pulled Into the car park and walked into starbucks. 
"Wow! We got this far and no fans already!" I whispered to Charlie trying not to draw attention to us.
" I know yeah! Must be a new record haha"

We were just about to order when two girls started screaming 
"Oh my god! Oh my god! OMG it's Charlotte and Eleanor Oh my god! I'm going to order what they get just so I can have a diet like them and I can have their bodies!" 

One hot chocolate, two cafe mocas, one chai Latte, double expresso, a caramel frappe and a chocolate frappe please!' Eleanor said. 'Coming right up! Please take a seat!' replied the woman. We sat down. 'So how are you and Louis?' Charlie asked. 'Really good!' El smiled. 'Were getting on better than ever! How about you and your stepdad?' 'He annoys the fuck into me. He's a fucking control freak!' Charlie sighed. 'Is that why your staying with Harry?' El asked. 'Yeah until I find my own place,' Charlie explained. 'Heres your drinks girls!' said the woman. 'Thanks,' Charlie smiled.

We walked in the door laughing. 'We're ho-ome!' El sang. No answer. 'Guys?' El asked. 'AGHHHHH!!!!!' El and Charlie screamed as Liam and Niall jumped out wearing masks. Harry and Louis grabbed us from behind. 'H-harry you scared me!' Charlie wailed. 'Aww sorry babe!' Harry laughed hugging me tighter. 'Come on,' he whispered in my ear. 'Lou, Liam and I have a surprise for you, El and Dani.



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