The Show Must Go On - One Shot

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  • Published: 31 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 31 Jul 2013
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Just a story of how bullying affects people, and yeah.. Its my first ever story in english, so please leave some comments below.. Enjoy, and please like, comment etc.


*Dette er mit bidrag til 'inspireret af en sang' -konkurrencen. Jeg har valgt The Show Must Go On af Queen.*


1. The Show Must Go On



She sat in her room. It was late, very late actually. Another day had come to leave. She had just shut down her facebook page. Nothing new, just the same old crap. People were making fun of her. They just didn’t understand her, the way she wished they did. She was intelligent, yes, but was that really a proper reason to treat her worse than their dog? She didn’t think so, but perhaps she was wrong? She was incredibly confused, and she had no idea of what to do.

A couple months ago, she told her parents. She told them everything about the bullies. She told them how her classmates would make fun of her, and how they called her names. Her mother listened carefully, but her father was too busy with his work and whatever.

Her mom said; “you shouldn’t care that much about them. They’re the dummies. One day they’ll understand and come back, begging on their knees for you.”

“But mom,” the girl said, “I don’t care about what happens in thirty years! I want things to change right now!”

“Alright, we’ll see what mummy and I can do, okay?” Her father said.

The young girl soon left the room again. She knew her parents couldn’t help her; actually they’d probably just make it all even worse. She had tried to tell the bullies to stop, but nothing seemed to help. She just had to keep faking her smile, all the while her world crumbled down around her.

The people, who said they would always be there for her, were gone now. Time had passed by, and it was already a year ago, since she said goodbye to her old, amazing life. A year had passed by, spent with nothing but being bullied and made fun of. What a year.

But no-one seemed to care. She had told a few persons. Well actually, a couple of persons cared. But those were people that she rarely saw. Those people had no influence on her everyday life. And even though her world collided, she just had to carry on, because somewhere, out there, a person sat and felt the same way as she did. And also, there was her idols; One Direction. They’d been there all along.

People always laughed about how much they actually meant to her, but without a real reason. You just don’t understand what it’s like, until you have tried it yourself. They hadn’t broken her heart; they cheered her up, even in the darkest moments of her life. No wonder she found such joy in her music!

Every single day was a fight, something that needed to be done as fast as possible. What a horrible way to make a little girl wake up. By ‘wake up’, I mean that when you’re really young, you believe that everyone are going to live happily ever after and no-one is left alone. Everybody is small Cinderella’s. You live in your own little bubble of joy and perfection, and nothing can break that little bubble. As you grow up, however, you realize that not everything is like a fairytale. Some people are just plain mean, and some things are horrible. You can’t just go and kiss a frog, to get your dream boy. You need to fight for everything in this world! When you realize that, you have woken up, and you are no longer a child.

The young girl, who had just turned fourteen, was forced to fake her smile, her laughter, her entire life! Because no-one wants a depressed girl. No-one wanted to be around a sad personality all the time. Therefore, she faked her smile. That is the reason she still goes to school and go through living hell every single day. Because, the show must go on.

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