Madison, also known as Maddie is 19 years old. She has big green eyes and long dark brown hair. She is currently single, but all that changes when she runs into no other than Niall Horan! But when she meets all the boys, will she stay with Niall, or fall for one of his band mates? And the biggest question of all, is all this really true, or is she lost in a fantasy.


4. Sweet Texts

I looked down my Twitter feed seeing all the mean hate I was getting, especially one from @Niall_Is_Mine. She sent me a really mean tweet saying: @Madison_xo You don't deserve Niall, your too ugly, fat, annoying, and you only want him for his money. Your just some sassy crule cunt that only wants sex and money. Well you know what bitch. Fuck you, cause Niall's mine." I clicked on the girl's profile and started to laugh. I wiped away my tears and scrolled through her Twitter. "Paige." I showed her the girl's bio, "She's only nine!" Paige started to cry from laughter as we read the rest of the tweets from little girls. "These infants have quite the mouth on 'em. How do they even have Twitter's at such a young age." Paige started to speak in between laughs when I heard the doorbell. Me and Paige answered the door only to see Niall standing there. "Hey Ni...what's up?" He grabbed my hand, opened it and placed a paper inside of it, then he kissed my cheek and shut the door with him behind it. "Well that was strange." I turned around only too see Paige glaring at the spot Niall was just standing in. "If your really that interested in my man, he had some of those Oreo's, and they still might have his saliva on it." I started to laugh at my joke. "Ew! That is so totally gross." I walked up the stairs and as I turned the corner to go in my room I peered down stairs only to see Paige devouring each cookie one by one. "Those sure look so totally gross Paige!" She glared at me and smiled, "Sorry Maddie, he is your man, so I guess I'll back down." She grabbed one more cookie and followed me back up the stairs. 

It was around 1 a.m. and I had completely forgot about the paper Niall had handed me yesterday. Me and Paige have been up all night watching romance movies and talking about how she wants to meet the rest of the boys, especially Harry. "Hey Paige, I think my phone's under your pi-" I looked over only to see Paige passed out with a gummy worm hanging from her mouth. It was wrong but I grabbed my phone from under Paige and took a picture, then to make my self feel even more bad I put it in a tweet: @HarryStyles, My friend here has a little crush on you, isn't she cute ;) @Paige_Hemmingway , Sorry sweet cheeks, just don't take my gummy worms again!" I felt kinda bad but she wouldn't care! I typed in the number on the paper Niall handed me and assume it was his.. 

To Niall: Hey, sorry I'm just texting you now but I wanted to say good night and if I wake you up, oh well ;)

From Niall: It's okay babe, I can't sleep because I'm thinking about you, about us. I think I love you <3

To Niall: Well I don't think, I know I love you, with all my heart. And I really want to meet the rest of the band, and so does my friend Paige, did you see my tweet?

From Niall: I saw them all, even the ones saying how nine year old girls calling 19 year old girls bitches really need some parenting, or some soap for their mouths, and of course you guys can meet, us, haha that sounds weird but good night my princess, I love you, and yes, I know it <3

And with that last text I fell asleep, dreaming about me and Niall.


*Next Morning*

"OMG! No you didn't!" I felt a slap on my arm and woke up to Paige standing over me. "Why did you tweet that????" I rubbed my eyes and sat up "Sorry Paige, I didn't know you would get so mad.." She started to laugh "Actually I look kinda cute!" I shook my head, "You confuse me Paige, you really do. Oh! and Niall is bringing us to meet the rest of the boys today, you in?" She hugged me super tight. "I'll take that as a yes" I slid out from under her grip and looked through my closet. I grabbed a flowy white tank top, black shear tights and blue jean short shorts with a large sweater jacket that was tribal black and red and finished off the look with tall black combat boots, a leapord purse, and my hair down like usual. "What are you gonna wear Paige?" She looked through her suitcase. "Oohhh! I love this!" She pulled out a jean crop top with small gold buttons, a pink flowered skirt, and she left her hair like mine, down, long and curly. "What about my shoes?" I picked out a pair of pink sandals and placed them on her feet. "Here you are Cinderella!" She chuckled and walked over to my make-up table. "Let me do your make-up!" "Only if I can do yours Maddie messes up make-up." "Deal Paige p, pur, oh whatever." We both laughed as I pulled out my make-up bag. I put black eyeliner around her eyes and mascara, then I took gold eye shadow and covered her eye lid. "Wow, It actually looks pretty good Maddie, your turn!" 


*Paige's POV*

I wanted to have her green eyes shine, so I gave her black eyeliner around the eye like mine, mascara, and instead of gold eye shadow, I gave her a smokey eye with a thick line of silver near her eyelashes. "Bravo Paige, you did, amazing!" 


Maddie's Outfit ^




Paige's Outfit ^




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