Madison, also known as Maddie is 19 years old. She has big green eyes and long dark brown hair. She is currently single, but all that changes when she runs into no other than Niall Horan! But when she meets all the boys, will she stay with Niall, or fall for one of his band mates? And the biggest question of all, is all this really true, or is she lost in a fantasy.


1. New Album

*Madison's POV*

I was never really the popular girl in school. I was pretty, skinny, nice, a cheerleader! But I was smart, and that just pulled people away from me. I was dating this kid Bray, he was a jock and was only dating me because I was a cheerleader, it was a really bad relationship. Well I was really excited because I was finally 19! But just to ruin it, I had to go to the recording studio, yup I sing, and i have been for years I mean it's my favorite thing to do but having to wake up at 5 in the morning to sing isn't so fun. 

"Maddie! Come get breakfast!" My mom yells a lot, especially when she's in a rush. I brushed out my hair, put my pink California t shirt on, and tucked it into my ripped jean shorts. Perfect.

"I'm coming mom!" I yelled to her. By the time I had gotten down stairs my mom had already shut all the lights off and was out the door. "Gee thanks mom.." I mumbled to my self. I grabbed an apple, my Victoria's Secret back pack, and headed out the door. See I had a white Range Rover of my own, but then again my mom had a teal bentley convertible. 

"Thanks for that breakfast mom." I rudely snapped while chewing my apple. "Madison. Do not bother me right now, I'm really excited for you and I don't want to ruin it." I gave her a confused look. "Your excited for me? What do you mean?" "Well Maddie, One Direction is recording a new album!" I practically choked on my apple from laughter. "Mom! I think your more excited then I am!" I laughed "No sweetie, the surprise is that..... Their recording it at the studio were going to right now!" "AHHHHH!!! I screamed at the top of my lungs and started to figit in my seat "Omg! Mom that's amazing! How do you know? Are they there now? Is my hair okay? I should of painted my nails light blue instead of neon orange, right? Or sh--" "Maddie!" My mom cut me off. "Sorry I'm just really excited!"

We pulled into the studio and like always, snuck through the back door so people in the front didn't think I was some celebrity and start attacking me with questions. "So is One Direction here now?" I asked "No, their coming in like four months, but...." "But what?" I grabbed my mom's shoulders and violently shook them. "Well were going to Florida in like four months, and by the time we get back they will be about 97% done with the album.." "What are we doing!! Staying there for two years!?!" I started to scream at her. "Well sweetie, were going to look at houses there." My jaw dropped and I ran out the doors, trudging over to the car. I looked back at the studio and saw my mom and my manager Siva walking over to me. "Hey Maddie Mad." Siva chuckled. "Im not in the mood Siv, go away." "Hey, I'm sure you can catch up on one of their concerts down in Florida, don't worry!" I looked away and scooted into the drivers seat. "Give me the keys mom." "Excuse me Madison Darcy Ja--." I cut her off this time. "Mom. keys. now." I gave her a stern look as she tossed the keys at me. "Fine be that way, I'll just have your father pick me up." I put the keys in the ignition and backed out of the studio, I just needed some alone time. 

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