Madison, also known as Maddie is 19 years old. She has big green eyes and long dark brown hair. She is currently single, but all that changes when she runs into no other than Niall Horan! But when she meets all the boys, will she stay with Niall, or fall for one of his band mates? And the biggest question of all, is all this really true, or is she lost in a fantasy.


7. I'm Sorry

*Maddie's POV*

Niall had punched Bray straight in the jaw and gave Bray a bloody nose. Ava looked at me and started to cry "What the hell Madison! Just cause you aren't good enough for Bray doesn't mean that I can't date him." I walked over and slapped her across the face, showing her my scar, "If you love him, you better start loving scars. And Liam does not deserve some cheater like you. He deserves better." I grabbed Niall and walked him back to the car, looking back to see Ava comforting Bray.

"Hey Maddie, Hey Niall, I came looking for you because we didn't know where you went." Liam came out of no where. "Were leaving now, and why don't you go help your little girlfriend over there that's cheating on you. I'm sorry Liam, your too good for her." I brushed by his shoulder and got in the car

*Maddie's POV*

I decided to call Ava and apologize. "Maddie, can we um, talk?" I saw Ava appear from a taxi. "Ya, I was just about to call you." We walked away from the camp and towards the lake. "Ava, I wanted to say I'm sorry, and , I mean we're best friends, well at least we were, but we can't be friends anymore. You did something more worse than Bray ever could've done. I'm sorry." I walked away, my back turned to Ava, and I wasn't looking back.


Sorry for the short chapter :( I promise they'll get better xoxo Love you

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