Madison, also known as Maddie is 19 years old. She has big green eyes and long dark brown hair. She is currently single, but all that changes when she runs into no other than Niall Horan! But when she meets all the boys, will she stay with Niall, or fall for one of his band mates? And the biggest question of all, is all this really true, or is she lost in a fantasy.


10. Dreams

*Maddie's POV*

"I don't love you anymore." "But Niall, why?" "Because, I like someone else, your just not good enough." "What?........" "I'm leaving" "Niall please! I just have one question." "What is it." "Am I really that easy to forget" "I dont know." I wake up from my dream crying and screaming. "Princess?" Niall sat up and held me tight, rubbing circles in my back. "Babe, it's okay, i'm here, i'm here." I continued to cry into his chest as he layed back, taking me with him and singing, "Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me," He grabbed my hand and kissed my for-head. "But bare this in mind, it was meant to be," We were both softly singing together and then he started to question why I was just crying. "Well I had a nightmare...and you left me. You said I wasn't good enough an-" He cut me off. "Maddie, don't ever think that, remember what I said earlier, how your my princess, I wasn't lying." He dragged his hands all over my body, pressing his lips into mine and pulling off his shirt. He threw it onto the floor but kept his gray NIKE sweatpants on and layed back down, grabbing my waist and pulling me on top of him. He continued singing little things as I drifted back to sleep. And before I were completely sleeping, I felt his lips on my head, and a pressure lift from the couch. I sat up quickly and watched Niall head towards the door. "Niall.......are you really leaving...was that dream right?" "Babe I'm just turning off the rest of the lights." And with that he chuckled, flipped off the light, and crawled back into the spot he just slept in, kissed my lips one more time, and rested my head on his chest. And that's how we fell back asleep, hand in hand, feeling his chest rise and fall.

*Next Morning {Niall's POV}*

I woke up next to my amazing girlfriend. She was so beautiful with the morning sun on her face while she slept. I got out of bed and reached in my jean pocket, pulling out the ring I was going to propose to Maddie with, it cost me 34,000 dollars so she better say yes. I took a post it note from the bar and wrote her a letter:


Meet me at the beach, where we first met, at 1:00 p.m. And although you always do, wear something cute.

~Nialler <3

I went to the beach and spread white flower pedals all over the ground and put a play list of our songs in an I-Home. Me and Maddie had a lot of songs like When I was your man by Bruno Mars, Little things, by me, Mirrors by Justin T. and so many more.

I looked down at my watch, it was 12:30 and I could feel my palms start to sweat.

*Maddie's POV*

I took Niall's note out of my pocket as I scanned through my closet. A neon green cropped tank caught my attention so I put that on with a flowery skirt and my white high top converse. I put my hair In a loose side fish tail braid and kept my make up simple with silver eye shadow, clear vanilla flavored lip gloss and black eye liner plus mascara. It was pretty, but I didn't think I all looked right together. So instead I put on a black tank top with lace around the neck and tucked it into a baby blue skirt, Per-f-ect. "Oh shit! It's 12:55!

I ran out the door and started towards the beach when I ran into someone, "Oh Zayn , I'm sorry, I didn't mean to." "It's fine! It was my fault. Oh right, do you um have um a or any plans tonight?" I laughed at his nervousness. "One, i'm dating your best friend, two, i'm going to see him right now." Zayn looked angry. "You know what Madison! Niall never spends any quality time with us any more, neither does Harry or Louis cause of your stupid friends, and you know what, Liam is too busy fucking Ava all day. I never have any one there for me, after Perrie left I was devastated but I had the boys there for me, now I don't." I looked at the ground. "Zayn i-i'm sorry. And your right, I ruined everything, so i guess I'll go end it with Niall, and then... " "Then what Maddie..?" "Then you'll never see me again." I started to walk down to the beach but Zayn grabbed my arm. "No. Don't go anywhere, Niall would be dead without you, and so would I." He grabbed my face and kissed me, I pulled back and slapped him in the face, but he slapped me back. harder. "Maddie, I didn't mean to, I gotta go." And then he ran off.

I sat down on the driveway and wiped my tears and some of the blood from my nose. I could feel my eye start to swell as I curled up into a ball and just cried.

*Niall's POV*

"It's 1:10, maybe I should go check on her?" I starting to walk towards her house, hoping she hadn't ditched. Then I saw Zayn running down the street away from Maddie's house. "Zayn?" He looked straight at me and he looked like a deer in head lights. "Um I got mad and Maddie and I didn't mean to mate, I'm sorry." He ran off leaving me with no answers so I ran over to her house.

"Maddie!" I ran over to her and I saw blood on her nose and tears rolling down her face. "Babe, oh my god, are you okay, what happened?!?! Zayn didn't do this did he?" I picked her up and walked her into the house. "Niall it's okay, i'm fine." "Maddie I can barely hear what your saying." I lifted her onto the kitchen counter and wiped the blood away, revealing her partially swollen eye. "Maddie babe you have to tell me who did this!" I started to cry, how could someone hurt her like that? "Well Zayn got mad because you guys never spend time with him and then he.." "He what?" "He kissed me so I slapped him, and then he slapped me back. It's all my fault." My face went blank. "H- he slapped you.." She hugged me close and ran her fingers through my hair. "Niall, please don't do anything." "I have to babe." I walked out the front door and got in the car looking back at Maddie's house. She started to run towards the car but when I backed up a little she slowed down. "Niall Please!" She started to scream and I just felt so bad.

*Maddie's POV*

I screamed for him to stop and I saw him get out of the car. "Okay, I won't do anything, but this is really gonna cause some tension during concerts and rehearsals." "I know, and i'm sorry for that." I grabbed his hand and we walked back in the house."

Niall plopped down on my bed and pulled off his shirt, "Hey Ni, can you help me?" I had a zipper on the back of my shirt and it got stuck . "Ya of course princess!" He pulled here and tugged there,  and before I knew it my shirt was completely off. "How did I know you would do that Niall?" He chuckled and pulled me on to the bed. We started to kiss very passionately. "Hey *kiss* Niall, can we *kiss* watch a *kiss* movie?" He smiled and stopped kissing me. "Well what do you wanna watch?" I got up and put Cinderella in. "I'm gonna go make some popcorn princess!" He walked down stairs and I heard a big crash. "Niall!" I rushed into the kitchen and I didn't see Niall. "Niall? Babe where are you?" I ran outside and saw Niall by the trash can. "Damn you!" I walked over to him and kissed him hard. "Don't ever leave like that again!" He hugged me "I was just throwing some glass away because I dropped a bowl, sorry babe."


*One hour later*

My head was on Niall's chest, his head on mine, and our legs were wrapped around each other, he was asleep and I was barely tired.

The movie finished and I switched the TV off, and we fell asleep together, again.


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