Darcey who goes through a tough time when her mum dies from cancer and is left with dad John, and soon through the many years of pain excapes the abusive parent and in a turn of events, meets a handsome man who changes her life forever...

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4. Meeting Him:

 It started to rain, my  vison became blurry but I kept moving, I kept my face down and kept moving.

I had been running for about 20minutes, I couldnt see him or hear him but I kept moving anyway.

Suddenly I hit something hard and fell over, I thought it must have been a lamp post until a boys voice came out of nowhere.

Boy: I'm so sorry, are you okay?

everything was blurry I could just about make over a hand stretched out, I grabbed the boys hand and pulled myself up.

Boy: Wow your head! Did I do that?

I shook my head, I recognised his voice.

Boy: Look I know I dont know you but youv'e really hurt your head, look my place is just round the corner.

Darcey: ookayy

He took my hand and led me to him house,he was right it wasn't far away, I was worried John would catch up if he was behind. I looked up to see  him face, Omg I thought hes cute, I felt like I recognised him but I couldn't remeber where from.

Boy: Here we are, lets go inside and have a look at that head of yours hey.

I nodded.

He unlocked the door and led me through to the kitchin, I took a seat on one of the bar stools, I was so tired and week I could hardly move.

Boy: Would you like a hot drink? Hot chocolate? Tea? Coffee?

Darcey: Tea would be nice thank you

I kept looking at him, I knew I had seen him somewhere before but I had no idea where.

OMG i though how could I not have realised it before? It harry styles! Frickin Harry Styles and I was in his house with him!

Darcey: Your Harry Styles!

Harry: Haha I was wondering when you would realise haha, let me get you an icepack for your head it looks bad.

Darcey: Thanks, I'm so sorry I bumped into you should have looked where I was going.

Harry: Its fine, so why where you running? and why the bag?

Darcey: urmm.. well I was running away from my dad

Harry: Why?

Darcey: Well

I took a sip from my tea

Darcey: When I was 9, 4 years ago my mum dyed from breast cancer

Harry: Oh I'm so sorry

Darcey: Its fine and well I was left with my dad and he became addicted to drinking and started hitting me, and so I decided to leave, packed my things jumped out the window and left.

Harry: OMG I'm so sorry

He came over and hugged me tightly, I felt so safe in his arms, I could smell his aftershave it smelled lovely.

Suddenly Harrys phone started ringing.

Harry: I'm so sorry excuse me one moment you okay here for a moment, its louis should probaly answer haha.

Darcey: Oh yeh sure.





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