Darcey who goes through a tough time when her mum dies from cancer and is left with dad John, and soon through the many years of pain excapes the abusive parent and in a turn of events, meets a handsome man who changes her life forever...

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27. Chapter 27


As I lay there looking up at the stars lying on Harry's chest, I could tell he was falling asleep as I heard his breathing slow down, I could hear his heart beating away as well. When we fell asleep I sat up and pulled out my phone from my pocket, I had 50% battery god iPhones battery power sucked i thought as I unlocked my phone and scrolled through the contacts. When I landed on Louis I quickly called him waiting nervously on the other end hoping he would pick up. 

"DARCEY!!!" He yelled down the phone making me jump a bit 

"where are you!!! Are you okay?!? Are you safe?!?" He kept firing all these questions at me and I had no time to think about the answers. 

"Louis listened I only have 50% battery, me and harry are safe we ran away and our now in the woods outside the barn until morning then we will be walking trying to find out way back, but we don't know where we are or where John is and I'm scared, call the police and track my mobile signal quick! I know something bad is going to happen!!" 

"Okay, stay safe okay" 

I hung up and lied back onto Harry's chest and fell asleep. 

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