Darcey who goes through a tough time when her mum dies from cancer and is left with dad John, and soon through the many years of pain excapes the abusive parent and in a turn of events, meets a handsome man who changes her life forever...

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25. Chapter 25:


I went up to the door but it was locked, I was still carrying Darcey her back was still bleeding and raw red her head was lying in the crook of my neck I couldn't move her out of that position she looked so peaceful I wasn't sure if she was asleep or not but I still didn't dare move her. 

I stepped back and kicked open the door, it wasn't hard as the hinges were rusty and the doors were old and wooden, when we got out I kicked open the door to the outside world.  The fresh air blew right into my face causing my curly hair to go everywhere. I had no idea were we where but I knew we had to get out and move quickly, I didn't know when he would be back, i looked down at Darcey and she was still lying there softly, he had taken my phone so there was no way to communicate to anyone. 

We were surrounded by trees I could just about make out a road but it didn't look like it was near a down and it was the only road I could see so John must have gone out that way.  I decided to take the opposite way to the road and started walking dodging trees and bushes ducking under branches and be careful where I walked, I was still carrying Darcey I could have gone faster if I wasn't carrying her but I couldn't bare waking her up she had had a long day and she needed rest.  We had been walking for around 20mins I had walked about 3miles but I could still see the barn in the distance, I hadn't heard any cars stop or any yelling so I guessed John was still out. I carried on walking brisk fully through the woods ducking and watching we're i stood. 




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