Darcey who goes through a tough time when her mum dies from cancer and is left with dad John, and soon through the many years of pain excapes the abusive parent and in a turn of events, meets a handsome man who changes her life forever...

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20. Chapter 20:


He ran up to her and kicked her full power into the stomach, she moaned out in pain and started to sob. I felt the tears run down my face as I couldn't not watch as I was stuck, he knelt down next to her and pulled her up by her shirt, he ripped off her shirt so she was only wearing a bra and leggings, she grabbed her by the hair and pulled her along the brick wall, she screamed in pain until he dropped her on the floor I look at her back from the camera and gasped in shock of what he had done, she had cuts all across her back and they instantly began to bleed.

"LET HER GO!" I screamed from the room I was in, I couldn't take it any more.

"IM NEARLY DONE" He shouted back.

I shook my head while I cried I could stand seeing her being hurt. He lifted her up again and started punching endlessly into her stomach, she was falling down after every punch her body getting weaker and weaker through all the pain, but he kept bringing her back up and punching again, once he was done he dropped her on the floor and walked out.


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