Darcey who goes through a tough time when her mum dies from cancer and is left with dad John, and soon through the many years of pain excapes the abusive parent and in a turn of events, meets a handsome man who changes her life forever...

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14. Chapter 14:


I had everything ready for the murder, I jumped into the car and drove over to his house, I could see her in the kitchen reading something while eating breakfast, I jugged down the rest of the vodka wiped my mouth and jumped out the car, I got out the tones of oil and put on a balaclava and crept round the house pouring the oil all around it, Harry would be back soon hopefully when I was done I saw her watching tv scrolling through her phone.

I took out the matches took a deep breath and lit the oil, the fire spread around the house quickly I jumped back into the car and stayed low, the house started to burn quickly the red and orange flames stretching all over the house.


I was looking through twitter when I smelt burning but I wasn't cooking anything? I suddenly say flames come from outside and smoke started to enter through the windows, I screamed but no one came outside, I knew it was him John he was trying to kill me! Suddenly the glass from the windows smashed and shattered all over the floor I ran upstairs getting stuff in a bag, I was terrified and Anxiety took over my body but I couldn't stop, I ran downstairs but everything was in flames and the building was falling down, I screamed but before I could run I just stood there and looked around, my life wasn't meant to be like this I thought and It all went black....



I drove home listening to the radio singing along, as I got closer to the house I saw a load of black smoke in the air near to where the house was I was terrified and quickly drove over and that's when I saw it...

My heart stopped the sight I was seeing killed me was she safe!!!

The house was up in flames and smoke was everywhere! I ran out the car tried to get into the house, I was suddenly pulled back by my shirt and turned around a big bloke than stunk like vodka, Its Darceys dad!

"LET ME GO!" I screamed in his face I tried to punch him but he twisted my hands back and made me face the house burning away and Darcey inside!

He whispered into my ear..

"Darceys in there the little shit, shes dying, lying on the floor breathing in the fumes waving goodbye to you and everyone else"

I felt the tears come and I felt the anger build inside my body!

I kneed John in the balled and he fell to the ground I kicked him and ran up to the house.

"DARCEY!" I screamed as I kicked down the door, I covered my mouth from the fumes with my shirts and ran in, I saw her lying on the floor the toxic fumes all around her, she had a bag next to her, I could see the house was going to collapse any second I ran up to her and picked her up and ran to the door.

When all of a sudden...



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