Heal My Heart <3

Bella is just another girl living her dream. Everything seems to be perfect. She is good at school, she has amazing friends, her life is great.! But everyone knows life isn't perfect... What will happen to Bella when she meets Zayn.? Is he going to destroy her perfect little world.? ;)


2. School

First day at school passed well. Everyone asked me a lot of questions even though I could see that not everyone likes me, but that's ok, I didn't came here to amuse people. Next week we are going to the hospital to practice our skills. I am ready for that since I already have done this things. This year they will study the same things that I already learned last year in Italy. This year is going to be a piece of cake for me ;)

Few day later.....

It's friday, this week passed so fast. I already have made some friends at school, and I was afraid that everyone would hate me.
It's 6 am. I got up, took a shower and ate some breakfast. Now I'm at the bathroom doing my hair and make up, nothing too much. 7:05 and my phone is buzzing...
Bella: Hello ?
Emma: Hey Bella, Matt and I are in front of your house. Get out, NOW!
Bella: I'm coming :D
I took my bag, locked the house and ran out
Bella: Hey guys !
Matt: Good morning beautiful
Emma: Heeeeeyyyy
-We all hugged each other and started walking to school. I know them for a week but I already consider them as my best friends, they are so lovely and kind. Every day they get up earlier than necessary just to go with me to school. You wonder why I'm going to school so early.?
Well because I'm addicted to coffee and cigarettes and every day before class I take one coffee from coffee machine and sit in the park across from school and smoke a few cigarettes. So today we came to school at 7:40 and took a seat at the same bench as every morning. I took a sip of my coffee and a smoke of my cigarette and started talking.

Bella: Are you guys excited to be going to the hospital next week ?
Matt: OMG yesss!! I bet it would be amazing !
Emma: I am excited but I'm also very scared that I'm going to do something wrong and hurt someone.... :(
Bella: Oh Emma :/ *I hugged her with one of my hands* Everything will be alright. I was also scared  first time I was going but nothing happened. It was fun and mostly instructive experience. ;)
-We talked a bit more and then we head for our class...

Time has passed so fast and this was our last class...

Professor: Here are your work uniforms and some rules and code of Ethics. And remember-you MUST treat every person the same! I don't care if freakin' Brad Pitt was your patient, you MUST treat him as a normal person, NOT as celebrity!
Matt: Omg, why is she screaming so loud?!
Bella: I don't know but God please let Johnny Depp be my patient.!!!
Matt: In your dreams girl!
Bella: Hey, you never know. *I winked at him*
Professor:That's all for today. See you at monday...

-We collected our things and ran out of that place...

Emma: What were you two whispering few minutes ago?
Matt: Bella is having great imagination, that's all *He put his tongue out in her direction*
Bella: Yeah, yeah, you'll see... :P
Emma: Kids..... *She rolled her eyes*

We came to our house and hugged each other and said goodbye. I walked to my house, left my bag and shoes in the hall and went straight to the kitchen. I made my self a sandwich and ate it by the TV.
I'm so tired that I think I'm gonna sleep all over the weekend.....

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