Heal My Heart <3

Bella is just another girl living her dream. Everything seems to be perfect. She is good at school, she has amazing friends, her life is great.! But everyone knows life isn't perfect... What will happen to Bella when she meets Zayn.? Is he going to destroy her perfect little world.? ;)


1. Introduction

Hi Guys.!
My name is Izabella. I came here from Italy because I love London and I think it can open me up a lot of opportunities. I hope that we will get along...
PROFESSOR: I hope that too. You can sit now Izabella. Class you heard it all. You need to help her adapt to her new environment. And now lets get to class.

-Well as you heard, my name is Izabella but my friends call me Bella or Izzy. I have chocolate brown long wavy hair and gray-green eyes.I just moved to London and I'm attending medical school. I'm 18 and since I was 10 I wanted to become nurse and help people. Only thing I want to be more then a nurse is an actress, but I thought I won't succeed and that's why I quit before I even tried. I love singing and dancing even though I'm not good at it. My music taste is varied. I like Robbie Williams, Nickelback, RHCP, Midnight Red, Little Mix, One Direction,Emeli Sande, Avicii, Nicole Scherzinger and lot more... I'm totally in love with 'Game of Thrones', it's my favorite TV series.That's enough to know about me for now. ;)

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