Dead Dawn *Sequel to Dead End*

* A Sequel to Dead End*

KC is moving on fast. The world is becoming a new place, but with the help of her new mate Tanya, and longest friend, Katie, fighting against the infection is the best thing they can do.
They have to move along fast. They travel to a camp, with fresh food and water, but when something happens on the way, Tanya and her brother, KC and Katie are wandering, and when night time falls, will they all wake up alive?


4. The Crash

The night felt long, and KC finally felt at ease. They'd exited the country roads, and were in a small town named Crescent Downend. The number of residents was un-known, but for the few houses that there were, there couldn't have been many.

'So, KC,' Jayden began, spinning the wheel so they rounded a corner, 'What does your name stand for? Is it just KC or is it the initials of your real name?'

'It's the initials. My real name is Kara. Anyway you put it, me and Kate have confusing names. Sometimes people call me Artsy because I'm good at art.'

Jayden grunted meaningfully. Then he slowed the pace a little, just as someone threw themselves in the road. He braked hard, and managed to keep the car in control.

'Heeeeelp...' the voice groaned, and fell to the floor, dead. Jayden drove around the body fast. They all knew what that meant. The Zombies had just attacked, and they were close by. Any minute that girl would be one of the Infected, a Walker, a Dead One or a Zombie. There were so many new names that is was terrifying.

Jayden suddenly cursed loudly. So loudly it woke Kyle.

The car hit one of the bodies and did three rolls until they landed on the roof. The windscreen had smashed and shards of glass surrounded all of the bodies that lay amidst the wreck. Someone groaned; KC guessed it was Kyle or Jayden because it was too manly to be one of the girls.

'Is everyone okay?' KC asked, struggling to sit herself up, even with a car over the top of them. She got three yes's and that was it. No reply from Jayden.

'Hey Jayden, are you alright?'

When he didn't reply, KC did her best to shove the car. It didn't budge at all. Tanya noticed what she was doing and helped, then Katie and Kyle joined on. When the car was back to it's original position, they all gasped as they looked down at Jayden. The seatbelt had ripped off entirely and was wrapped around his neck. KC immediately began to tug, but she knew it was too late. Not only had he been strangled by the thing that was supposed to protect, he'd also been slashed a million times by glass, and his head had been badly wounded too.

'Why him? Why did he have die?'

KC knelt down and checked his pulse. Her suspicions were correct. Their guardian and only source of freedom and safety, was dead.

The three teenagers and one small child were left in the middle of a town. A Zombie infested town. Again.

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