Dead Dawn *Sequel to Dead End*

* A Sequel to Dead End*

KC is moving on fast. The world is becoming a new place, but with the help of her new mate Tanya, and longest friend, Katie, fighting against the infection is the best thing they can do.
They have to move along fast. They travel to a camp, with fresh food and water, but when something happens on the way, Tanya and her brother, KC and Katie are wandering, and when night time falls, will they all wake up alive?


9. Siren?!

Tanya ran the soap over her body, ridding the nasty scent of death. She reeked of stale blood and tears, sweat and rotting. She was glad to remove the filthy clothes and wash off the dirtiness that had clung to her for the last week or so, and when she climbed out of the shower and into the lovely warm and comfy PJ's, she felt so alive and at peace with herself. She hadn't really had time to think about herself or the feelings she felt, she'd mostly been stressing about Kyle and his safety. Kyle meant everything to her, and if any harm was to come to him, she'd blame herself.

She padded into the main area where the beds were kept, smiling at as she noticed KC and Kyle curled together as KC told Kyle a wild story about how KC and Katie had managed to escape.

'Who want's the next shower?' Tanya announced, motioning back the way she'd came. Before anyone could reply, a loud, alarming siren rung through the air, and Tanya's hands immediately found their way to her ears. She called out but no-one heard her, they were too busy trying to figure out what was going on too.

The lady that had showed them around suddenly burst in. She had a clear and calm expression on her face, and some of the panic and fear that buried its way into Tanya's veins, died down.

'The siren is for lights out. The camp is so big that not everyone would get the message in time. Some of the Zombies tend to come out quite far when it's night, so now that it's pitch black, the siren goes off, telling everyone its lights out, and to stay as quiet as they can. The Zombie's have no clue as to what the giant metal fence is, so if we stay quiet and fill the air with the scent of rotting and pine leaves, they think it's something that's there naturally.'

Tanya nodded with KC, Katie and Kyle doing the exact same thing.

Great. No lights. Just fright.

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