Dead Dawn *Sequel to Dead End*

* A Sequel to Dead End*

KC is moving on fast. The world is becoming a new place, but with the help of her new mate Tanya, and longest friend, Katie, fighting against the infection is the best thing they can do.
They have to move along fast. They travel to a camp, with fresh food and water, but when something happens on the way, Tanya and her brother, KC and Katie are wandering, and when night time falls, will they all wake up alive?


10. Missing

KC rose out of her comfortable, relaxing and warm bed. She had so many other words to describe it, and it finally felt so good to be at peace with herself. Everything was perfect now, beds, clean clothes, food, water, friends, it was just so good to feel that little bit human again.

She clambered out of the sheets and stretched her arms high above her head. She let out a groan followed closely by a yawn, and looked around the room. Golden sunlight reflected through the windows, casting shadows around the room. KC could smell Strawberries; it was most likely her hair as she'd washed it the night before.

When she turned to Tanya's bed she smiled. Tanya looked so calm and relaxed, her blonde hair tucked neatly to her shoulders, her arms around her head. She even had a small smile on her face.

She looked over at Katie next and smiled again. Katie's hair was messy as ever but she still looked cute with her mouth slightly open, and her arms over the covers.

Finally she glanced over at Kyle; the youngest of them all. Except, Kyle wasn't there. KC frowned. Where had he gotten to now?

She crept towards the bathroom, but didn't hear anything that could have been alive. Only the slight dripping as the shower emptied itself out. KC made her way back into the main room, and slid on a pair of slippers. Then she opened the door quietly, walking out into the fresh air. The smell of rotting and pine leaves had faded, and now all KC could smell was mostly the pine leaves. She could also get a hint of last nights fire, but that was about it.

'Kyle?' she hissed. No reply.

She took a quick walk, smiling whenever she passed someone. After about twenty minutes, she grew concerned. She'd been around half of the camp, and still, she couldn't find him. The more time she took looking, the more she became worried and anxious. Finally, she decided to ask the nearest person she came to.

Soon it became every person. No-one had seen him, and she broke into a run as she raced towards the cabin. She shoved open the door and flew inside, letting her slipped leave her feet. KC and Tanya awoke simultaneously. She knew they could sense something was wrong.

'What is it?' Tanya asked, studying the worried expression on KC's face.

'Kyle...Kyle's gone! I can't find him anywhere!'

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