Dead Dawn *Sequel to Dead End*

* A Sequel to Dead End*

KC is moving on fast. The world is becoming a new place, but with the help of her new mate Tanya, and longest friend, Katie, fighting against the infection is the best thing they can do.
They have to move along fast. They travel to a camp, with fresh food and water, but when something happens on the way, Tanya and her brother, KC and Katie are wandering, and when night time falls, will they all wake up alive?


3. Long Night (And Dead Fright).

Purple swirled into black as the night sky took over. Tanya and Kyle were snoring lightly in the back, and even KC was about to fall asleep. Katie was tough though. She stayed awake, holding the gun tight against her chest, thinking hard and fast about her old life.

'Katie, how could you forget basic table manors?'

'I'm sorry, mum, it won't happen again. After dinner, can we watch a movie?'

Mum sighs, her fork halfway to her mouth. She then looks as Katie seriously, with something dark in her eyes.

'I'm not sure, honey. Elbows!'

I jerk back, lifting my elbows away from the table. Why are my parents never available? It's like they don't have time for me. They never do...

'KATIE! Why aren't you firing!'

Katie fell back out of her trance, and looked up, only to meet a bloody windscreen, and half a Zombie arm in the seat just beside her.

She lifted the gun, firing continuously, stuffing and replacing bullets. The shotgun was heavy on her shoulder, almost too heavy. She was breathing heavily too, nothing to lose. She'd done this before, and so had KC, but she was back now, and she used all the hate and might she had left to kill the pesky little life-ruiners.

'It's okay Katie, you can stop now!' Jaden called, swerving around a pile of dead one's, ready to transform.

'I... can't...'

Katie shot one last time, and dropped the gun. Suddenly a wave of pure emotion hit her, and she came to realisation that she wasn't as strong and tough as she thought. Where were her parents? Why had they left her at a time like this?

KC rubbed her hand sympathetically on Katie's shoulder.

'Kate, breathe, okay. Breathe. Your okay. They came out of no-where, I know, but were alright now.'

It was strange to think KC was now the one looking after her. It was always the other way around.

'Why did they leave?' Katie managed, a fresh wave of tears crashing over her.

'I don't know. I honestly... I don't know.'

'I do' Jaden spoke, braking suddenly.

'Hey, what are you doing?'

'Nevermind. Your parents left because the kids are infected anyway. For an adult to become a Zombie, they must be bitten. If their brains and hearts have been eaten, they cannot be a Zombie. A child can be bitten, but inside, they are a Zombie anyway. You just have to provoke that inner Zombie but feeding them something with meat. Your parents left because a) the Zombies were invading and b) they couldn't feed you without the risk of making you a Zombie. If you eat meat three days before a Zombie invasion, your safe. But anything after that... your a gonner.'

Katie, KC, Tanya and Kyle looked at him incredulousy. That was pretty confusing, but it did make sense in a weird way. It was helpful, that was for sure.



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