Oh Cinderella - Justin Bieber.

This Cinderella story is about Mia and the one and only, Justin Bieber.


6. Forgive Me?

It had been over a week since I attempted to speak to Justin and to be honest, I still couldn't make eye contact with him. I felt so embarrassed... What am I supposed to do now? I can't exactly just go up to him and be like "Oh hey Justin, by the way, you blew me off the other day and I just wanted to tell you that you were wrong and I'm Cinderella, kbye."


I made my way through the school corridors and sighed as I saw Justin heading my way. I hung my head low and continued walking. My mouth opened in shock when I heard him shouting my name but instead of stopping to hear him out I walked on, ignoring him. I walked faster and as far away from him as possible, dodging through a crowd of students so I could make my escape.

"Mia! Mia wait!" He shouted as he pushed his way through the crowd.


Yet again, I chose to ignore him; breaking through the crowd as he did the same. He got closer and closer to me, now was the time to make my decision, stop and talk or walk ahead. I chose to continue walking but ended up shoulder barging him on my way past, I winced in pain but didn't stop. I carried on walking then slowed down when I thought he'd given up. Thought being the operative word.


I suddenly felt someone wrap their hand around my wrist and then the next thing I knew I'd been spun round, I'd smashed into the persons chest and felt myself falling forwards. But instead of me hitting the cold, hard ground like I'd expected, I fell on top of the person. Why don't I know who this person is you may ask? I kept my eyes closed. Yeah.. You heard right. 


I slowly opened my eyes, silently hoping that I'd be on top of anyone but Justin. Unfortunately, it was him.


He grinned cheekily before saying "We have to stop meeting like this, I'm starting to get the feeling that you've fallen for me." 


He winked causing for me to roll my eyes, stand up and walk away. He chased after me again and pulled me into an empty classroom to talk to me.


"Mia, listen, I just want to talk," I waved my hand for him to continue, "I'm sorry about the other day it's just, everyone came up to me telling me they're my Cinderella, that they're perfect for me and stuff.. I'm just sick of lies, y'know? Anyway, I'm sorry... Forgive me?" He put on his best puppy dog face and until that moment, I hadn't realised.. He hadn't let go of my hand.. Does he know?


"Mia please, I know-"





















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