Oh Cinderella - Justin Bieber.

This Cinderella story is about Mia and the one and only, Justin Bieber.


1. Prologue.

Quick A/N - I won't be writing Mia's POV as most of the story will be in her POV anyway, ofcourse I'll write it in other people's POV for instance Justin's and I will say it's his POV so there's no confusion...

I think I just confused you.. And myself.


My name's Mia Styles, I'm 16 years old and I just started my last year of secondary school.

Well, I haven't started it yet.. But I will tomorrow.

I'm not exactly 'popular' but I have one friend.. My best friend Tori Caylen.

I'm going to share a secret with you that I haven't shared with anyone else except Tori.. I have a huge crush on Justin Bieber.

I have ever since I first met him 5 years ago.

The only problem being, he's now a world famous singer and me? Well, I'm just an ordinary girl.

I live with the stepmother from hell - Anne, her daughter who's older than me and her son, the problem child, who's also 16 years old.

Ofcourse my stepsister, Gemma is the stereotypical popular girl, she's pretty, skinny and the head cheerleader but unlike most popular girls, she can't sing, act or dance and I guess that's where I come in..

I can sing, act and dance, not that anyone notices though.

Anyway, my stepbrother, Harry, really is the stepbrother from hell at times, but sometimes we get on.. I guess...

One day I'll find my prince.


Sorry it's kinda rubbish, it's only the prologue though..

~Linds x

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