geek girl love

this about a geek girl who fall in love cute boy but then she fall in love with a girl read more about great story about geek love.


3. the kiss

i was think about the kiss and then i think i like it and say no i like boy and went  to school and this boy say do you want to go out i say yes and then his friend laugh say you just play with the geek girl feel and i went to his face and slap him and he say why you  did that. i say you know why and he say oh .well you know now i just play little heart  righ he laugh . i took my cafe threw it and his hair and leave i went to bathroom and cry again and see kya and i kiss her and she say what or you do . i say i tried of boy play with me and i kiss you because i like your kiss. and kya kiss me say  do you like and i say yes so we went out.

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