geek girl love

this about a geek girl who fall in love cute boy but then she fall in love with a girl read more about great story about geek love.


2. the girl.

kya say you know i always be there for you  oh ok. i say thank and say i luck to have nice friend who really care about me and i say why nobody like me she say because they do not know how pretty you or . she also kiss me i say wait or you about to kiss me. she say nothing and ran always for me. i say think and my mind that kya may have feel for me because we meet still we well little and she always be there . went to tallk to kya and say to her do you have feel for me she say cry yes will  i meet you was pretty girl i fall love you . i say we just friend righ. and she kiss me. i say no this not happen we not freind she say wait i kiss because i love you i say i love  you too but just a friend .

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