geek girl love

this about a geek girl who fall in love cute boy but then she fall in love with a girl read more about great story about geek love.


1. geek

i was at school with my freind kya she geek to but she my bestfriend  i was math class i love math  me kya was do work and then everboby say look at hot boy with brown hair with brown eye i seen have and fall and love but i knew he well not like a geek like me i ever not cute even so i that if i chang my look he may like me so i did i stop wear galsser and curl hair and wear sky  blue dress and  put some makeup i do not really wear it cuz i think do not need to . and i went wallk to school kya say is that you i say yes it me . kya say we look so prettier than me. no i chang little bit and thank. and then went math class and say to cute boy and say hey do you want to go movie and he laugh hell no with you a ugly geek girl like you look just because you chang you always be geek girl . his friend laugh,and everbody laugh at me went to bathroom and cry . because he never like me at all he hurt my feel but i know be boy that love who i am geek girl.

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