Near To You

Moving to a new college half way through the semester is never easy, especially when you're Faye Collins.


2. Pasta Girl

Austin is stood there, a look of total shock on his face and an empty dinner tray in his hands. Several other guys are stood behind him laughing. I want to say something but luckily Katelyn steps in before I embarrass myself. 

"Chase! What the heck was that for? Faye here is new and you've managed to get her in a total mess on her first day. You jerk." 

Austin turns to me quietly. "Don't worry, they're in a relationship and this is pretty normal for them. Oh and sorry, it wasn't me, Chase flicked my tray up. Kate here's right, he is a jerk." 

"It's fine," I giggle.

"Let me take you to the bathroom and clear this up." 

We walk to the disabled toilets which happen to be at the other end of the building. Typical. However, I decide to pluck up the courage to interrogate him.

" So tell me about yourself, Austin. Let me guess, you're British?" 

"Yes, I am. Well noticed. Born in Cornwall, came here a year ago, just before college and now I'm here. Mum's a journalist and there wasn't much to write about in Cornwall so we moved here, to Los Angeles, home of the rich and famous. My Dad passed away three years ago and that's about it. So, what about you, pasta girl?" 

"Well my mom was in a car accident when I was five and my dad was taken away from me when I was eleven, he was admitted to hospital with a kidney failure and I was taken to a home. I haven't seen him since. As soon as I turned sixteen I was permitted to find myself a place of my own and I didn't have to live at the home. I got the hell outta there and now I'm here. I guess we've both had it rough, eh." 

"Faye, I'm sorr-" I cut him short.

"Look it's fine, it's in the past, we better get inside before anyone else sees me in such a state."

He shrugs and opens the door for us and we quickly scoot inside. It's a bit of a strange situation to be in really; in a diabled toilet with a boy you've only known for a few hours, washing spaghetti out of your hair. 

I manage to get the worst of the spaghetti out of my hair, and luckily the sauce doesn't show up in my hair that much as my hair's so dark. I put it up in a quick top knot and realise my problem, my top is still covered in sauce and I have no spare clothes. I check my watch; no time to wash it out either. Crap. 

"Austin, I have no spare tops, what the hell can I do? Is there anything in the textiles department?" 

"Yeah, if you want to run across to the other building that is. Hang on, I have Physical Ed next so I have my spare top with me." He reaches into his bag and pulls out a crumpled white tee. 

"Thank you." Without thinking I take off my blouse and shove his top on. Luckily I don't think he was paying the slightest bit of attention. My acid wash shorts with the white crochet detail missed the spaghetti, just. that's the last time I wear white to school again. 

"Okay let's go." I say with a sigh of relief. "Thanks again, for everything."

He smiles and looks at the floor before staring me right in the eyes and saying, "At least it gives me an excuse to see you again, eh." 

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