Near To You

Moving to a new college half way through the semester is never easy, especially when you're Faye Collins.


1. New Meat

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" I gasp as I collect sheets of paper and exercise books up off the floor. 
"It's fine, don't worry about it." he replies in his cute British accent. I clumsily stumble as I drag myself up off the floor tiles, using the nearby lockers as a support. Great, my first day at college and I've managed to crash into someone during my frantic dash down the hall.

I brush my self off and take a proper look at the unfortunate bugger I pushed to the floor. I'm sure my mouth is hanging wide open and - yep, there its is, a burning sensation flickers across my face; he just so happens to be gorgeous. He runs his hand through his tousled brown quiff and then puts it forward for me to shake. I stare, perplexed, until his dark eyes meet mine. He blinks and raises an eyebrow. What the hell am I doing just standing here? Why is my mouth still hanging open? Earth to Faye... 

By this point he's given up and he's grabbed my hand. "I'm Austin, nice to meet you. And you are?" 

"I-I'm Faye, sorry about that. I'm new here." 

"I can tell. Now, do you need any help getting to your first lesson?"

"If you could, that would be great thanks." Phew, I won't end up being an hour late on my first day. 

"So Faye, what's first?" I fluster and search for my timetable when he plucks it out from the top of the pile. Great, so now I'm clumsy and stupid. "Could this be what you're looking for?" He says with a wink. "It says here you've got Media & Social Studies in Room 7, that's cool, I'm only down the hall from you. Let's go." People here in California really are friendly.

The walk to Room 7 is mostly spent in silence but as we barely know each other, it's just as well becasue usually I can talk for hours until I bore said victim to death. Not so good. When we reach the door, I turn to face him and thank him for his help. I resist the urge to hug him and settle for a sophisticated wave instead. 

I can't help but watch as he walks down the hall. He turns to go to into his room and I'm sure he catches a glimpse of me lingering but I can't be too sure as I quickly launch myself into the room. Several girls are giggling and I hope that it's with me and not at me as I sit down on the table. I'm guessing that the tutor is late but she is sat on the floor laughing with all of us. If it wasnt for her slightly wrinkled appearance, you could easily mistake her for a student. It almost as though it's a friendly meeting, not a class. I may be new meat, but I already feel as though I fit in here. 

The class is over in the blink of an eye and I find myself back in the hall, caught in a swarm of people minding their own business. Out of nowhere I hear a chirpy voice calling my name. Thank God, it's Katelyn, one of the girls I met in my previous class. She reaches out her arm and grabs on to my hand to pull me through the throng of people. She leads me to the cafeteria where we find a table over in the corner. Some of her friends are there; Jamie, Hope, Brenda and Leah. They are probably five of the nicest girls you can meet, before I know it, Brenda's handing me a slice of cake to say 'welcome' and Leah's braiding my long brown hair. This is better than I ever imagined.

Just as I go to stand up, I hear Hope squeal and then something hot and slimy is sliding down the back of my head and down the collar of my new lacy shirt. A peice of spaghetti is swinging inches from my face. Spaghetti bolognese. Great. I turn around to see the attacker. 




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