Love in lyrics

Ally meets one direction after her best friends boyfriend is one of them.she doesn't have a friendship with them that she expected.


1. My greedy cousin

Ally's pov

"Noooooooo" i screamed when i opened the breakfast greedy cousin Niall had eaten up every single pancake we had in the house.suddenly i saw Niall walking through the door with his plate stacked high with pancakes. He placed it on the table and went and searched for the syrup. I quietly walked over and took a pancake off the top. Suddenly Niall turned around and chased me.he stretched out and pinched the pancake right out of my hand.Niall quickly ate the pancake and turned back to the rest of them.I decided to go and ask Eleanor for some help with breakfast.In ten minutes we had two pieces of french toast each.when i had finished i went up to my room i would be in for the next three weeks. I picked my outfit a denim dress and some sandals. When i went downstairs Eleanor asked me if i would like to go to a party that night of course i said yes.just as was about to sit down four teenage boys came bouncing in to the room ( obviously friends with Niall).

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