Separated From My Love

Elizeveta (Liz) starts to work at Starbucks she bumps into a mysterious boy she doesn't know and they start to fall in love but get separated from each other. Will they ever see each other again? Let's find out! xD


1. Starbucks


Elizavetas POV

It all started when I started to work at Starbucks. It was a regular work day and I was walking a few blocks away to my work when I tripped and fell. "Ah fuuu!" I screamed. "I'm so sorry!!" A British accent said. "Like you are freakin sorry!" I yelled." I then turned to see a eh let's say about 19 year old boy with the most beautiful hair he looked at me. He helped me up and I smacked his hand away once I got up, but once I did I fell back down. "Great!" I yelled. "Now I can't go to work!" I still had a pretty big house cause I was partly a half time singer so I had no worries about going to work. The boy picked me up again and carried me to where I pointed to where I came from he thought I lived in some regular house when I pointed a different way and he didn't go the way I pointed. He had went over to his car and plopped me into the seat next to his. I told him my address and he nodded. As soon as I got home he carried me and out of nowhere he had my key "What the.." I whispered. We got in my house and set me down on the couch.


Persons POV

(LoL I just called him person) I got up and walked over to her first aid kit and grabbed some things that I needed I walked back over to her and dabbed the alcohol on her leg so it won't infect the red mark I then put a band aid on her surprisingly I had a Harry band aid. "Hey.. Uhm what's your name?" The girl asked me. I widened my eyes (the way how he widened his eyes when the man in Best Song Ever called Zayn Zack LoL xD!) 'Does she not know who I am' I thought so I just made up a name "Oh I'm Leroy! (LOL JUST KIDDING XD!)" I said no no no whoops "I meant Marcel!" That's just a friend of mine." She laughed at me. "Oh and my name is Elizaveta call me Liz!" She said. "What a beautiful name!" I replied. "Thank you." She giggled. Oh how lovely she is. 

(A/N hey everyone sorry I was being a hardcore otaku the last week! xD Oop oh and could you follow me on instagram @hetaliadirectioner please I'll follow you back!

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