Man Down

''I can't live without you Jessi."-Niall
"I can't live without you either.''-Jessica

*3 years later*


8. The Park

Help!!! Jessi P.O.V My bum hurts from the fall and my head. ''J-Jessi I-i im so s-sorry.''Niall said. *Knock Knock* ''W-who i-is it?''i asked ''Harry.What happend?''harry asked. ''Nothing i-i just fell.''i said ''Okay'' ''N-niall help me up.''i said ''Okay.''Niall said as i grabbed his hand. ''Niall,tell me why you wanted to break up with me.''i demanded.I need an answer. ''I-I come with me.''he said. He grabbed my hand and pulled me down stairs.''Where are we goin?''i asked ''You'll see.''he said smirking. [10 MINUTES LATER] ''We are here.''he said. A park.Not just any park.A abanded park. ''A park!?!''i asked ''Yeah.''he said smiling. ''I still need an answer,Niall.''i demanded. ''Hey Niall!''a girl with olive green eyes and black hair said. ''Oh.Hey Jade!''Niall said letting go of my hands and waved'hello' I feel like killing that woman. ''Hey who is she?''Jade said pointing at me.''Oh she is Jessi.''Niall said while ibwas waving. ''Nialls GOT A GIRLFRIEND NIALLS GOT A GIRLFRIEND!''Jade said like a 5 year old.''Jade stop that!''Niall demanded.''Fine.''Jade said.''Well bye i have to go,nice meeting you Jessi.''Jade said waving 'good-bye.''Bye.''me and niall said at the same time. ''Im sorry Jess.I need to break up with you i-i Im sorry.''Niall said holding my hand ''Its okay Niall im leaving tommorow and thats it.''i said. ''But A-amy is coming tommorow.''he said ''Fine im leaving next week on monday and thats it.''i said as he nodded. ''Its getting late lets go home.''Niall said. I nodded.
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