Man Down

''I can't live without you Jessi."-Niall
"I can't live without you either.''-Jessica

*3 years later*




"Kiss me."He demanded.

''No!"i yelled.Trying to escape,but he was to strong.

"KISS ME!"He yelled.

''NEVER!"i yelled.

"KISS ME YOU FOOL!!"He yelled


''SHUT UP AND KISS ME YOU FOOL!!!"N-niall said

"NO AND YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!"I yelled as he slapt my  face

"What happend to you N-niall?"i asked still afraid to say his name.

"Nothing."he said as he stared at my eyes.

~Flash Back~

"I can't live without you,Jessi.''Niall said with his arms around my waist.

"I cant live without you either."I said as we kissed


"What happened to the Niall i loved?''i asked

"Nothing Jessi."he said

"Then look at me in the eye and tell me you love me."i said

He looked at me with his blue eyes.Then...


"KISS ME!!!"Niall said as i pulled away running into my house.

I looked in my drawer and i found my dad's gun.The one we used to go hunting in hunting season.

"i'll do this tommorrow morning.''i whispered to my self as i was looking at the gun.


"Jessi kiss me or you'll have a punishment."he yelled


-Real World-

"Jessi..Wake Up..Jessi...Its morning..Jessica."i heard someone say while shaking me

"Who is it?''i said

''Its me Niall."niall said.

WAIT.It was a DREAM.No it can't be.Maybe a vision or a nightmare.

"Wake Up and take a shower Harry's gunna make the breakfast."niall said as I nodded.

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