Man Down

''I can't live without you Jessi."-Niall
"I can't live without you either.''-Jessica

*3 years later*



Jessi P.O.V I ran down stairs for breakfast.I was so hungry i could eat an elephant ''BREAKFAST IS READY!!!''Harry shouted as I went inside the kitchen.DAMN.MY TEETH.WAIT.I ran as fast as i could to get my tooth brush and tooth paste.I went to the bathroom and discovered a lipstick a red one.Its not mine.I dont use red lipstick.Or that mark.Maybe its Perrie's.No it cant be she knows were Zayns bathroom is.Is Niall datting another girl?As i got my toothbrush and put the paste on the brush.I scrubbed my teeth as fast as i could.As I finished i ran as fast as i could.Before i knew it.SMACK.''Oh,JESSICA.''Louis said''Im sorry.''i said rubbing my hand on my forehead.''Its okay.''he said.''I just forgot to brush my teeth.''he added''Me too ''i said ''Well shoo shoo peasent.''Louis said.I began to run down stair.As i was about to enter i heard''Have you told Jessi yet?''i heard harry say.What does he mean by 'have you told Jessi yet?' ''No not yet.''Niall said''You got to tell her that your breaking up with her for Lily.''harry said.''WHAT!?!''I said without knowing it.''I think she knows now,Niall.''harry said''Niall is that true you want to break up with me for my best friend Lily!''
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