As Long As You Love Me

Sophie Baker is a rich girl she has everything she wants but she doesn't ask for it, her dad thinks she needs it. When Sophie was 8 her mom died. What happens when her dad marries again, and he marries a celebrities mom and finds out it is Justin bieber. Sophie doesn't like Justin bieber. What happens though when Justin falls in love with her and he is dating Selena Gomez? Would Sophie fall in love with Justin bieber?? Would it break Selena and Justin apart?
Find out what happens in As Long As You Love Me


2. The ride and telling cass about a flashback:

Sophie POV:

We went inside the airport and quickly crossed we could do that if we wanted. They stopped cass my dad said she Was with us and they let her go. When we got on top of the prívate jet me and cass put the luggage in a cabinet, and i tell her lets go see the pilot. She said why i said he is kinda cute for you. We got to the pilot and he whistled at the sight of seeing cass he got up (he Wasint flying the jet yet), and spinned her around. She is wearing shirts with a greenish shirt.this is what cass is wearing.

Cass told me if we can sit down I said sure, then she told me she didint like the pilot. I said why she said because he is such a perv he was looking at my chest and when we were leaving he grabbed my hand and slapped my bum. I said perv. Then I remembered a flashback, I decided to tell cass. I start telling her.

- FlashBack -

it was last month I was going to a Justin bieber concert I was a huge fan if him but not anymore. Cass said why I said because let me get to the point wait a bit. After the concert I went to the meet and greet aerea I had backstage tickets. I was the only one he then said EVRYONE leave and he and me were the only ones there and he locked the door and ran his fingers down my hair then touching my legs. Until I look him in the eye and say what are you doing, " he didit. Answer. Then he kissed my lips I got out of his grip and tried to run but he trapped me against the wall and he...

- End of FlashBack -

He what asked cass I said nothing touching my stomach, I was the only person who knew I was pregnant. Justin has a mom named pattie too. What a couicindence I thought to my self. When we got to L.A. I see my dad running out of the jet into the arms of a lady,I think that's pattie. Then I see her two sons. Wait Justin bieber!! OH NOOO!!

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