As Long As You Love Me

Sophie Baker is a rich girl she has everything she wants but she doesn't ask for it, her dad thinks she needs it. When Sophie was 8 her mom died. What happens when her dad marries again, and he marries a celebrities mom and finds out it is Justin bieber. Sophie doesn't like Justin bieber. What happens though when Justin falls in love with her and he is dating Selena Gomez? Would Sophie fall in love with Justin bieber?? Would it break Selena and Justin apart?
Find out what happens in As Long As You Love Me


4. Meeting Selena Gomez:

Sophie POV:

I woke up in a strange room, but then I remembered I was going to be living here. Oh great. But I didn't remember getting into bed. I guess it was still morning because it was 8:00. I open the room door and get out I see Justin. He pushes me right back into the room and pushes me in the bed while he is locking the door. I said what do you want now. " ok here's the big deal, Selena my girlfriend is coming over, I need you to not say nothing to her he told me. "Ok I been living here with you only today and this is all I get. I stand up and try to go outside of the room, but it lead me to bump into Justin again. I really wanted to kiss him, but also I didn't. He was leaning towards me, even though my head was looking down I knew he was leaning towards me to kiss me. So I look back up and kiss him. After he looked at me. I said Wasint that what you wanted and I left the room. I went up to pattie, and she said I heard Justin raped you and you're having a baby. " yeah " I told her. I then told her can I have a glass of water please. She said yeah and handed me a glass of water. She told me well you're dad told me what kind of foods you like. Yeah I said. " we'll I'm going to order pizza today. Oh really ok. Ok go sit on the couch watch tv explore the house or something. She told me. " did you know Selena Gomez is coming, Justin's girlfriend" she told me, yes I know I told her. Then there was a knock on the door, I said can I open it she said oh I think Justin has got it. Selena walks in and gives Justin a hug. Then she comes over here and says hi I'm Selena Gomez. I litterlay screamed, she said I heard you're Justin's new step sister right. " yeah " I told her. After awhile the pizza came and we started eating. After the pizza Selena had to go home. We all said bye to her and her to us. After my new step mom pattie said well let's take you to you're room. You will be sharing the room with cass. I said really yay. We went upstairs and to my new room. I litterlay said WOW out loud. Pattie left and me and cass kept looking at the gigantic room. The room had a kitchen, a big bathroom, a big plasma tv on the wall, two big beds, a big closet, a jacuzzi in the room. The kitchen already had tons of food. " They have allot of money" I to,d cass. She just shook her head saying yes. Then we spotted tons of movies. The two closets already had tons of clothes for me and cass. I told cass let's watch movies, she said yeah. After we dressed, into our new pjs that we were in the closets, we picked out a scary movie, and we did popcorn with lemon and a bit oh hot sauce. In the middle of the movie, we had to pause it beacause there was a knock on the room door. I go open it and find Justin there. He said watching a movie, "no duh now get out "I told him. " is that all" I told him. " yeah it is " he told me. Ater that I went back to the movie. After the movie, I asked cass a question... " hey cass I'm living here now, how are you going back to you're house??" I told her. " umm well my mom and dad died in a car accident last week. I was living by my self. I had to sell my stuff for food. The only thing I had was a bit of food, a house with nothing in it, and my two newborn baby puppies. I said oh really she started to cry. I comforted her. After that we went to our new beds and went to sleep!!

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