As Long As You Love Me

Sophie Baker is a rich girl she has everything she wants but she doesn't ask for it, her dad thinks she needs it. When Sophie was 8 her mom died. What happens when her dad marries again, and he marries a celebrities mom and finds out it is Justin bieber. Sophie doesn't like Justin bieber. What happens though when Justin falls in love with her and he is dating Selena Gomez? Would Sophie fall in love with Justin bieber?? Would it break Selena and Justin apart?
Find out what happens in As Long As You Love Me


3. Does he remember me, oh shoot he does:

Sophie POV:

I wonder if Justin remembers me, I thought but that all got out of my head when he pulls my hand and takes me inside a bathroom and shuts the door I said stop Justin he said I missed you babe I said yeah right you raped me and now you're fame is going away, he said why I said because I'm.... I stopped he said because what I screamed it out BECAUSE IM PREGNANT WITH YOU'RE BABY. He opened his mouth he was shocked I said go ahead leave me don't help me with our baby. The baby won't have a dad that's all the he kissed me and he said I won't leave you and I said yeah right you're still gay he said what I laughed and headed outside. He pulled me right back in I said what the hell he said I'm not gay and you know that I said what ever I said I like you but I don't want you and he grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him and he had his hands inside of my shirt I took it out I said let me go we're step brothers. Don't talk to me and I left. Then I pull my dad aside to tell him and he said you're pregnant with Justin's baby I said yeah then he looked worried and he said umm well I already married pattie I said what the hell dad. I then went to tell cass she said really. I said yeah.

Authors Note:

Ok hey my lil carrots I'm sorry this was a short chapter but I just want to get to where the baby gets born. So ok bye bye my lil carrots.

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