As Long As You Love Me

Sophie Baker is a rich girl she has everything she wants but she doesn't ask for it, her dad thinks she needs it. When Sophie was 8 her mom died. What happens when her dad marries again, and he marries a celebrities mom and finds out it is Justin bieber. Sophie doesn't like Justin bieber. What happens though when Justin falls in love with her and he is dating Selena Gomez? Would Sophie fall in love with Justin bieber?? Would it break Selena and Justin apart?
Find out what happens in As Long As You Love Me


1. Big dinner with my dads girlfriend and her sons:

Sophie POV:

Hi my name is Sophie Baker. I'm 18 years old. I live with my dad. I love him and he is not old, he doesn't have grayish hair on his head he isint wrinkly. My mom Wasint old either, they said (well when my mom was alive) they had me when my mom was 16 and my dad 17. So I was born when they are that age. So my dad is like 30 something and my mom too or 20 something. SOPHIE come downstairs, I go running downstairs letting me trip on the last step. My dad said get dressed eat take a shower hurry. I said its 2:00 in the morning why would I do all of that, he said no I tricked you I switched you're time so you can wake up at 10:00 I said ok but for what. He said you are going to meet pattie my girlfriend and her sons they live all the way in L.A. And because we live all the way in Florida well I arranged a flight on private jet for us now go pack some things, eat, take a shower, get dress something nice, and brush you're teeth. I said ok what time are we leaving he said in a hour. An HOUR I got to be ready in a HOUR I gotta hurry up. I ran upstairs packed my stuff. Went back downstairs, poured some cereal not that much I was going to eat stuff on the private jet then I ran upstairs and took a shower and while I was in there I brushed my teeth. Then I got out of the shower and went into my room and got dressed. I wore these clothes.

After I put my accessories and brushed my hair. I let my hair down. I went downstairs where my dad was he looked cute but like In a dad sorta way not like that that would be gross eww. I heard the doorbell rang, and my dad said if I can go open it well I did what I was told. When I opened the door it was my best friend since We were kids, Cassidy. (well we got to know each other because my mom and her mom were friends when we were in their tummys). I tell Cassidy why she was here with a suitcase, she said you're dad invited me to go with you guys to meet you're stepmom, I said we'll I screamed to my dad " thanks dad" he said you welcome, I hug her and tell her to come in she had two suitcases I told her to leave them outside because we are taking the limo to the airport. ( my dad owns the airport and more stuff we are not rich I'm not spoiled but he just wants everything for me that's why I'm taking acting classes with Cassidy, we usually tell the pilot of the private jet to go to the airport). Me and cass ( we call Cassidy cass for short), don't go to school anymore we graduated from all of them, I know I'm still young but I went to college I graduated to be a actor and a vet, cass did that too. My dad is taking me and cass to more of acting classes. My dad was yelling lets go, go, go, I got my two suitcases and my my bag of money and electronic stuff and my other small bag of makeup that's what cass has too. The limo driver told us not everything is going to fit, so some will go inside with you girls, " we said ok sure and got in the back of the limo and my dad in front we closed the screen so they didn't hear anything. We stopped by the store and got food and well me and cass went into the clothes store and bought more clothes. Me my dad and cass had to buy gifts for them. We bought some more bags me and cass out our food together we were going to share our food in the private jet. In a other bag I put my clothes in and cass in a other. 

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