I Just Wanna Run (Marcel Fanfic)

Marcel Styles;

school target,

bully magnet,

human punching bag.

And done with all of it.


2. Chapter 2

I let out a long sigh as I rolled out of bed and shut off my aggravating alarm. My eyes drooped and my shoulders slouched but I dragged myself to the bathroom anyway. Today was Friday, which meant I had to go back to school. Friday was when everyone was restless and ready to be done with classes for the weekend. I have been waiting for today this entire week. Of course, every week I wait for Friday. And I dread Monday. That's something I never understood. Why Friday was so close to Monday, but Monday was so far from Friday.

I returned to reality and splashed my face with cold water from the sink. It sent a jolt through my body, waking me up. I slid my glasses on and observed my skin in the mirror. There weren't many bruises that looked severe so I shrugged it off and went to get dressed. I wore a clean sweater vest over my white button up shirt. And I wore another pair of the same, plain khaki pants. My fashion sense wasn't the most unique but it was all I had. And all I could really afford. Some of the things people wore at school cost more than my entire outfit. To be honest, it didn't make them any cooler or look any better. But I put up with it and fixed my tie in the mirror. I wiped some extra gel on my hair, making it shiny and smooth. This had always been my ordinary school morning routine since the beginning of high school. Nothing really changed except for maybe the size of my shoes. I tried to smile at myself, revealing my obvious dimples.

I imagined a world where I was popular and liked. In that world, I was above everyone. They looked up to me. I had nice clothes and hair that everyone wanted. People would adore my smile. They would beg for my number. I could have any girl in the school at my side. I would still get a few black eyes here and there, but only because I won all the fights. I would have my own group of friends who stuck with me everywhere. This was a world where everyone knew my name. But... that would never happen. My smile quickly fell short and I was once again stuck facing the real world. The clock on my wall read 7:40 am which meant I had to leave for school. Unfortunately. 

I took the same shortcut I discovered yesterday through the woods to get to school this morning. I was pleasantly surprised at how quick it took me. And I got to school unscathed. But that was only the journey to school. The next 7 hours of my day will take it's course and I will have something new to cry myself to sleep about tonight. I took a deep breath, pushing the doors open and spending my day in hell. Immediately, I heard my name being whispered down the hallway. 

"Hey Marcel." Some jock named Matt called out. "I didn't see you this morning on my way to school!" 

I ignored him and continued walking, tightening my grip on the straps of my backpack as I silently prayed he wouldn't bother me.

"Hey, don't walk away from me!"


I heard his heavy footsteps get closer and louder. "Now I'm gonna have to make up for what you missed." He was now talking to the back of my head, waiting for me to either turn around or run. 

I didn't turn around or even run. I didn't say anything back to him. I didn't defend myself. But he still pushed me. The force of the shove made my body collapse on the ground loudly. My glasses slid across the floor in front of me and I heard snickers from above. The rest of the hallway did get quiet though as they heard me hit the floor. I forced myself to stand back up and quickly collect my glasses. Right now, I was furious but too embarrassed to do anything back to him. I wouldn't give him what he wanted. A fight. I clenched my jaw and turned the other cheek, continuing to walk to my first class.

And this was only the beginning of the day.




I had gotten through my first two classes pretty well actually. Most of the kids ignored me or avoided me. I got a few spitballs to the head but that was pretty average compared to what they usually did. It was a pretty easy day. Except for the incident this morning. Today was one of the few days I wasn't miserable. And I wasn't dreading going to lunch either. 

I took my seat at the table in the corner. It came in handy during lunch because I could watch everyone while I ate and make sure there were no surprise attacks. That used to happen when I ate the school lunch and carried my food on a tray. 

You get the picture.

I pulled out the brown paper bag that my mother packed my lunch in. Today I was eating the typical peanut butter and jelly sandwich with an apple, a bag of carrots, and a small slice of her famous lemon meringue pie. I smiled slightly to myself and dove right into my sandwich. Most of the other kids ate school lunch or ordered from the Ala Carte. Personally, I liked the food from home better. 

I liked to people-watch during lunch because there was a never a boring lunch hour. Either a fight broke out, or someone spilled their food, or someone just did something crazy. As I waited for something exciting to happen, a girl who I'd never met before approached my table. I nervously swallowed my food and set my sandwich down in front of me.

"Um... hello." I greeted her with a confused look.

"Hi, I'm Jenna." She smiled widely.

"I'm Marcel." I replied, not sounding too sure of myself.

A girl had never stopped over at my table before. Let alone conversed with me. I didn't recognize her from any of my classes or around school. She had really pretty blonde hair with big, bright blue eyes. I pinched myself underneath the table to make sure this was real.

It was.

"C-can I help you?" I stuttered, feeling a little embarrassed. 

"Oh, yeah! I'm the president of the Student Council and I was wondering if you had any change on you for the charity drive?" She said, still smiling.

My heart dropped when I realized that was the only reason she came over here. I guess I shouldn't have suspected she actually wanted to talk to me, Marcel. I sighed and pulled out my wallet, dropping several coins into her hands. I never really donated to any school charity drives but she approached my table all by herself and looked pretty desperate. It wouldn't have surprised me if she lost a bet to be the one to ask me. She thanked me and walked away with my donation.

I moved on in my meal to my bag of carrots and began chewing on some of those. I took this time to figure out what I was going to do this weekend. Hopefully, my mom had time off to do something with me. It was almost sad how my mother was my only friend. But your mom shouldn't just be your mom, she should be your friend too. I'm just afraid I took the 'friend' idea too far. Hanging out with your mom on weekends was not anyone else's concept of fun. I was what you would call a "momma's boy."

Then again, I could always stay at home and reread a book off my book shelf. Or erase one of my Sudoku puzzles and try to figure it out again. There really wasn't much to do at my house, as you can tell. Maybe I'll just pop in an old movie, make some popcorn and call it good. 

As I wrapped up my lunch, I walked towards the garbage can to throw my trash away. It had been a decent lunch hour and I was pleased with being ignored. Mostly. To be safe, I made sure no one could shove me into the garbage again and I quickly stuffed the bag in there. I sighed in relief and made my way over to the drinking fountain. My lunch left me parched. I bent over and put my lips on the water, not realizing that my vision was now blocked to the surrounding behind me. The cool water felt good down my throat. I felt a strange hand push down on my neck, making my entire face splash in the water. I gasped loudly, snapping my head back up and wiping my face with my hands. A few laughs spread across the room. Which meant a lot of people probably saw me. Even though I couldn't see them. I held my glasses in my hand and tried to wipe the water off of them. When I could finally see again, I recognized the boy who did this to me. His name was Damon. 

Damon and I had a history together. In elementary school, we were best friends. And I mean best friends. We nearly spent every minute of our days with each other. We were inseparable. At least until middle school. He joined sports and I joined science. I got glasses and braces and he got girls and good hair. We each made our own friends and slowly faded away. I'm guessing his friends taught him that nerds, like me, weren't allowed to be in contact with guys, like him. I suppose my new friends told me that too. It was the same for all cliques. We didn't really associate with other groups. And it's stayed that way through high school. Unfortunately, my 'clique' left me and I was alone to fight for myself. And Damon became a jerk. All the popularity got to his head along with his ego. I suddenly became his main target at school. It's like his 'friends' brainwashed him into forgetting everything we ever did. But I remember all of it. We stayed up at night, depending on flashlights to keep us awake, and shared secrets in the forts we built at my house. We bought matching backpacks for school each year. We even had nicknames for each other. I was Milo, he was Otis. Cheesy, I know. But we were 8. 

A part of me has a feeling that those memories still linger in the back of his mind. They keep getting pushed away to make more room for his girlfriend or the championship game or how to impress his dumb friends by pushing my face into the water fountain. You think you know a person. Until they stab you in the back.

I was really hoping I didn't have to run into him today. My day had been going so well. 



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