* Don't Let Me Go *

Hannah and her friend Rachel move into a flat together in London . What happens when they both see Harry Styles and Niall Horan at their doorstep ? And what happens when Hannah gets her suicide thoughts back? Will Harry be able to save her ? Will Niall finally get his princess? Read to find out ..


37. Chapter 35.

Harry's POV. (At the studio) I picked up my keys and quickly ran out the doors. I don't care if the boys follow me . I need to make sure my baby is okay. And of course my baby baby . OH GOD! My girlfriend is pregnant and she got in a major car accident! Reality hit me like a ton of bricks. I hope the baby is okay. I speed down the road and finally reach the hospital. I walk up to the receptionist's desk. "Hello sir , who are you here for?" She asked politely . " Skelding" I replied quickly. "Okay she's in room 102, but she just got out of surgery so she may be resting but you can go ahead and see her". She replied. "Okay thank you" I said and ran through the hallway . "100, 101, 102!" I said in my mind. I opened the doors and saw nurses just talking . Once they saw me they walked out the door. Then I looked over and saw a tiny, bruised , lifeless body that is Hannah's . Tears formed in my eyes as I sat down beside her. I brushed my hand over her cheek and said. " it's gonna be okay princess , I promise, you'll get through this" and with that , I let the tears fall. Silently praying that my world and sunshine will be okay.

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