* Don't Let Me Go *

Hannah and her friend Rachel move into a flat together in London . What happens when they both see Harry Styles and Niall Horan at their doorstep ? And what happens when Hannah gets her suicide thoughts back? Will Harry be able to save her ? Will Niall finally get his princess? Read to find out ..


3. Chapter 3.

                   Hannah's POV.                                                                                                                                                          I woke up to Rachel shaking me . " It's time to get off !" . I got up and noticed that the plane was empty . " How long has it been since we landed ? " i asked . "Ermm about 10 minutes ". " Well lets go I want to see the flat !" i said . We got off the plane and went to our rental car . As soon as we reached our flat we got our luggage and unlocked the door . It was big but it wasn't huge . I sat my luggage down in the doorway and walked around the flat . The kitchen had marbled counter tops , double sinks , a microwave , pantry , oven and a huge fridge ! I looked in the living room and saw a big red L-Shape couch and a flat screen tv , and a glass coffee table in the middle . Then I looked at my room . It had hardwood floors , light purple walls , a dresser , and a queen size bed . Rachel's room was the same but her walls were a light green . And then we had a huge bathroom ! It had a clawed foot type bath tub , shower , sink , and of course a toilet. The whole flat looked new . I went to my room and started unpacking . I put my clothes in my dresser and some in my closet , I also put sheets and an anchor comforter on my bed . I only had one pillow but when we go shopping i'll probably end up getting a couple more . I put all my toiletries in the bathroom . when I was done I walked in the living room and sat down . " Hey Rachel are you done unpacking yet ?" I yelled . " Umm almost ! " she yelled back . " Well I'm gonna take a shower and then we can watch a movie when you're finished yeah ? " I asked . " Yeah that sounds good !" . I got up and got in the shower . (skips shower)  When I got out I put on zebra striped Sofees and a black tank top and put my hair up in a bun. I walked to the living room to see Rachel sitting on the couch in sweat pants and a nike hoodie with her hair in a bun also . She already fixed the  popcorn  . I sat down and tried to think of a good movie to watch. " What do ya wanna watch Banana ? " she asked . "Hahaha I don't care Ray I". OOOO lets watch Finding Nemo !!! I guess she was really excited . " Ok but if I fall asleep don't wake me up because I'm really tired !". After she said that she wouldn't I was stuffing my face with popcorn until I started drifting off to sleep dreaming about popcorn and Starbucks coffee . 

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