* Don't Let Me Go *

Hannah and her friend Rachel move into a flat together in London . What happens when they both see Harry Styles and Niall Horan at their doorstep ? And what happens when Hannah gets her suicide thoughts back? Will Harry be able to save her ? Will Niall finally get his princess? Read to find out ..


22. Chapter 22.

    Harry's POV.  I walked out of the room feeling relieved that she wanted to be my girlfriend again . And plus I had to go to the bathroom . Once I was finished I saw Liam running around like crazy . "What the heck bro ? You're embarrassing me !" He gave me a sharp look . "I wouldn't be doing this if I could find a doctor !" He said while getting the nurses attention . "What do y-" he cut me off" Hannah can't breathe!" He said . I ran back to the room feeling stupid. I saw niall comforting her I came up to her and said," what's wrong babe?" I said in a panic. She said something back but I couldn't tell what she said because all of her words were put together. So I just kept saying things like everything is going to be alright to try to calm her. The doctor finally walked in and did some stuff to help hannah get better. It worked which was a huge relief on me. I hate seeing her sick and miserable. I wanna see her up and healthy. After the doctor left hannah and louis had a quick conversation. I made her go to bed soon after, which she did. I decided to take a quick power nap since it was 7am and I haven't gotten any sleep yet. So I laid down on the couch beside her bed and closed my eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep. I suddenly woke up because louis was in my face saying in a loud whisper  ,"harry can everyone come in now?"  I nodded my head and soon after everyone came in sounding like a herd of elephants  which sorta woke up hannah,"hey everyone" she said in a weak tone. Everyone said their hellos and we just started talking like normally and then after a while niall said " I'm hungry and thirsty!" We all laughed at him. Rachel responded "we will get food later babe don't worry" she said in a motherly tone. Which made us laugh even harder."I'm getting bored! I wannna do something tonight!" Hannah said in a sad way. "Well we can have a pizza party since you love pizza!" El said we all agreed since its a good idea. Zayn added "And on the bright side you get to get out of here  tomorrow !" She smiled in a weak tone kinda like she didn't wanna leave yet. After that conversation niall asked again,"let's go now!" She nodded "anyone else wanna go?" El, dani, zayn, and liam wanted to go but that's it. I'm not leaving Hannah's side,No matter what.                                                                                                                                                            ***** Credit to my Co-Author Rachel :) She helped me get ideas cuz I couldn't think of any ... but she wrote this:) 

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