* Don't Let Me Go *

Hannah and her friend Rachel move into a flat together in London . What happens when they both see Harry Styles and Niall Horan at their doorstep ? And what happens when Hannah gets her suicide thoughts back? Will Harry be able to save her ? Will Niall finally get his princess? Read to find out ..


2. Chapter 2.

                Rachel's POV.                                                                                                                                                        OMG ! I can't believe my dreams are coming true ! Me and Hannah have always wanted to move in with eachother ever since middle school . And since we both like London , we picked to move there together . We were on our way to the airport when Gotta Be You by One Direction came on the radio. Hannah looked at me and said "BLAST FROM THE PAST !" we both laughed and started singing . We probably looked like crazy idiots but I didn't care we were having too much fun ! Then I looked at Hannah and she was crying. She said " Now I remember why I love this song so much ! " . I tried switching the station but she wouldn't let me . She just sat there driving and balling her eyes out . " Hannah you know I can't  just sit here and watch you cry !" . She just shook her head and kept driving . In middle school Hannah was always picked on and people judged her for no reason . One day she couldn't take it anymore , she was about to try suicide , but she was listening to music in her room . She was about to take the pills but Gotta Be You came on the radio and she decided not to kill herself . She has loved One Direction ever since then . I sat in the car just staring out the window sometimes glancing over at Hannah to see if she was ok . Once we got to the airport we parked the rental car and got our luggage out of the back . We gave the lady our tickets and boarded the plane . I sat down and gave Hannah a big hug . " Hahaha Rachel I'm fine , it just brought back some memories I didn't want to remember " she said . " Well good because I hate seeing you cry !" . She laughed and looked out the window watching us take off . Once we were allowed to use our phones and other devices I put my headphones in and fell asleep listening to Bruno Mars. 

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