* Don't Let Me Go *

Hannah and her friend Rachel move into a flat together in London . What happens when they both see Harry Styles and Niall Horan at their doorstep ? And what happens when Hannah gets her suicide thoughts back? Will Harry be able to save her ? Will Niall finally get his princess? Read to find out ..


18. Chapter 18.

Rachel's POV.         I came storming downstairs sobbing from the fight that me and Hannah just had. Niall was sitting on the couch and I ran over to him and started crying even more into his shoulder. He hugged me and he was rubbing my back telling me that everything was going to be okay. Nothing was okay. Hannah thought that I was making out with Harry . I started telling Niall everything that happened. He was comforting me telling me that she just had a break up and that she's a little depressed. "Thanks Ni I don't know what I would do without you !" I said. He smiled "No problem babe I love you ! " "I love you too " . We got up and we went out to his car . We were on our way home when Niall said "I think I'm gonna go back over to Hannah's after I drop you off so I can talk to her , is that okay with you ?" "Yeah babe its fine , she would probably rather talk to you than me ,""Babe don't think like that , you're her best friend , she's just upset right now," I nodded and sat back in my seat looking out the window at the scenery . Once we reached Niall's flat I got out and shut my door. "Bye Niall see ya later !" I said while waving . "Bye babe , I'll text you if anything happens ," then he drove away . I unlocked the door and walked in . Niall's house was huge and I loved it ! I sat my bag on the floor and sat down on the couch . I couldn't find the TV remote so I just got on twitter . I checked my mentions and DMs . I saw some really mean tweets about me , some were nice but like usual most of them were rude. I usually don't let this kinda stuff get to me but ever since me and Niall have been getting serious I've been getting a lot more hate then usual. I started crying , I just let all my pain and worries out . I try to act like everything's okay when Niall is around but when I'm alone all I seem to do is cry . Once I pulled myself together it was around 8:00 and Niall has been gone for awhile . I was about to call him but he came rushing through the door . He was crying and he looked scared ."Niall what's wrong ? " "I-Its Hannah , s-she tried to c-commit , Harry found her in t-the bathroom and I had t-to help him ! He took h-her to the hospital !" . I fell to the floor crying my eyes out . She couldn't have , this whole thing was probably my fault . I shouldn't have yelled at her . Niall picked me up and layed me on the couch . We were both crying now. Once we stopped Niall pulled out his phone and started tapping it . "What are you doing ," I asked softly . "I'm texting the boys and telling them to meet us at the hospital ," he said . Once he was finished he picked me up and carried me to the car . He put me in my seat and shut my door then he got in on his side. I can't believe this was happening ...                                                                         Niall's POV.                    I can't believe what just happened . Me and Rachel were on our way to the hospital . I just couldn't get the images of Hannah out of my mind . It was awful , she had cuts on her arms and there was blood everywhere. Seeing her like that just made me wanna crawl in a corner and cry . She's my best friend ,practically my sister and I hate seeing her in pain . Once we reached the hospital we ran in through the doors and saw that Harry and the boys were here , all of them except for Zayn . I thought he would be here by now because I texted him first . Rachel walked over to Harry and they both started crying . I sat down beside her and started rubbing her back . Just then Zayn came through the door with a face full of fear. Once Rachel saw Zayn she stood up at started yelling at him . Me and Harry had to hold her back or else she would be throwing punches at him . Liam and Louis dragged Zayn to the other side of the room so me and Harry could calm Rachel down . "Rayy just take deep breathes ," Harry said . I was massaging her shoulders trying to calm her down . Once she was calm Zayn came over and said something to Harry . And then he came over to Rachel and apologized . He asked us why Hannah was in the hospital . "She umm she tried to commit ," Harry said with tears rolling down his face . We all started sobbing and we got in a big group hug . "Are you here for Ms.Skelding ?" A voice said. We let go of eachother and turned around . It was a doctor. "Yes sir how is she ?" Harry asked. "Well she had some deep cuts and she lost a lot of blood but she'll be fine , and I hate to inform you but she also had an eating disorder! She's awake now but she's really weak . Her room is 22A its right down the hall here ," he said while pointing down the hall. I kinda had a feeling that she was starving herself , but now I guess its true ! When she gets out of here I'm taking her straight to Nandos and I will make her eat ! Harry was on the floor crying but he got up quickly and ran down the hall . We followed him and we found him at Hannah's room . We all walked in and she was yelling saying that she didn't want to be here and that she should be dead by now. Harry ran to her side and started telling her that he loves her and that me and him saved her . She started crying saying that she was sorry for causing drama and that all she is is a mistake . "No its fine ! We are always here for you Hannah , you're like our sister and we love you!" I interjected. "Thanks guys but I'm really tired so I'm gonna go to sleep , y'all can stay in here if you want I don't mind !" She said. "No we'll leave and Harry can stay I'm sure you guys wanna talk , we'll be out in the hallway ." Zayn said . "Thanks guys ," We walked out of the room and sat down outside of the room . I feel bad that I couldn't save her earlier , I really love Hannah and I hate that she did this to herself . Let's just say that  I'm gonna have  a talk with the fans ...

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