* Don't Let Me Go *

Hannah and her friend Rachel move into a flat together in London . What happens when they both see Harry Styles and Niall Horan at their doorstep ? And what happens when Hannah gets her suicide thoughts back? Will Harry be able to save her ? Will Niall finally get his princess? Read to find out ..


17. Chapter 17.

            Zayn's POV.                I was sitting on my couch when my phone buzzed . It was a text from Niall , it said "Hannah's in the hospital ! Its the one that's closest to Harry's house ! " . I stood up quickly,  grabbed my keys and jumped in the car. I can't believe she was in the hospital , I wonder what happened ? I started to cry , Hannah was like a sister to me and the boys . She was closer to Niall and Harry but she always treated us like family .Once I got to the hospital I parked my car and I ran in . Rachel and all the boys were sitting in the waiting room . Rachel was crying into Niall's chest and Harry was sitting in the corner crying silently . I felt really bad about what I did and I need to apologize . Before I got the chance to Rachel can storming up to me yelling at me . She said "WHY WOULD YOU PULL ALL OF THAT CRAP AT THE PARTY ?! YOU RUINED IT AND HANNAH'S IN THIS HORRID PLACE PROBABLY BECAUSE OF YOU ! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED ! " . Niall and Harry were holding her back . Liam and Louis pulled me to the other side of the room . "Why'd you do it ?" Louis asked . " I-I don't really know... I-I didn't m-mean to . " "Well I think you need to apologize to Harry " Liam  said. "Well I was about to but Rachel started yelling at me but I'll go and apologize". I walked over to Harry and said "Mate I'm really really sorry ! I didn't know what I was doing and I understand if you don't forgive me ." "I forgive you , but its for Hannah's sake ." He said through gritted teeth . Then I walked over to Rachel "Rayy I'm sorry for making you feel this way and I'm sorry for ruining your party , please forgive me " . "I forgive you Zayn , and I'm sorry for yelling at you " she said while giving me a hug. "W-why is Hannah in the hospital ?" I asked getting teary eyed . "She umm she t-tried to commit " Harry said with tears rolling down his face . I started crying and everyone else did too . We all got into a group hug and we just let everything out . "Are you here for Ms. Skelding ?" A voice said . We turned around , it was a doctor . "Yes sir how is she ?" Harry asked . "Well she had some deep cuts and she lost a lot of blood but she'll be fine . And I hate to inform you but she also had an eating disorder! She's awake now but she's really weak , Her room is 22A its right down the hall here." He said pointing to a hallway. I cant believe she was anorexic ! It explains why she looked really skinny . Harry was on the ground bawling his eyes out saying "I should've  known ! She was soo skinny we all had to see this coming ! " . He stood up and ran to Hannah's room . We followed him and we found the room , I opened the door to see a very pale and weak Hannah laying in the bed . "Hi" we all said . She looked like she was about to cry . "Get out ! Why am I here ? I should be dead ! I don't want to stay !! " she cried . Harry ran to her side and said "Baby I love you and I'm so sorry I should've let you explain , I came back to your house to talk to you but you locked yourself in the bathroom  and Niall had to help me get you but when we found you , you blacked out so I ran all the way to the hospital with you in my arms !" . "And Hannah I'm so sorry for kissing you , I was drunk and upset , I hope I'm not the reason why your here ! "I said . "But why did you save me ? " Because I love you and you'll always be my baby " Harry said . "I love you too and Zayn you're not the reason why I'm here , its all my fault ! I didn't eat and I hurt myself . And I forgive you " Hannah said . "And Rayy I'm sorry for yelling at you , I should've believed you!" "No Hannah I'm sorry , you had every right to be mad ! I would be too if that was me !" Rachel said . "I'm sorry for causing drama , I was just getting so much hate that it got to me , and I was really depressed last night I felt like no one wanted me and that all I am is just a mistake !" Hannah cried. "No Its fine ! We are always here for you Hannah you're like our sister and we love you !" Niall said. "Thanks guys but I'm really tired so I'm gonna go to sleep , y'all can stay in here if you want , I don't mind ." She said . "No we'll leave and Harry can stay I'm sure you guys wanna talk , we'll be out in the hallway "I said . "Thanks guys ". We walked out of the room and sat in the chairs in the hallway . I still feel like this whole thing is my fault ....

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